Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites 3

Well, I'm in a bit of a hurry today... but I didn't want to forget about this weekly feature. I hope that you are all enjoying it as much as I am.

I thought that for the first time I'd mention a few of the baby items that I'm getting a lot of use out of right now... since we do mostly eating and sleeping... there might be a bit of theme for this one.

1. Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set - There are a lot of little pieces, but we really have noticed that it helps with James' gas issues. Once we changed his formula - we feel like he's doing a lot better.

2. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer - Oh my gosh... this is a gift from the heavens. The first week or so we were boiling a pot of water every time James wanted to eat - but this little contraption allows us to program in the exact time needed to warm bottles with the amount he's currently eating - pull the bottle out of the fridge, hit the button and in about 4 minutes... little man is eating. Genius!!

3. Dr. Brown's Standard Dishwashing Basket, Polypropylene Dr. Brown's Standard Dishwashing Basket, Polypropylene - Another genius invention for these bottles... it is so much easier to load a couple of baskets into the dishwasher rather than wash them by hand. We make 8 bottles at a time and are able to keep him going. We have two of these baskets so that we can wash 6 bottles at a time. Works really well, as we have a few extras so that we always have a couple of clean ones for when it is time to make fresh bottles or pack in his diaper bag.

4. Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher - This pitcher mixes the formula for us and allows us to measure out to make 8 bottles at a time. When he moves up to 8 ounce bottles - it'll only make three at a time, but it'll still be easier... since it is not recommended that you shake the bottles. It messes with the flow of the bottle and introduces the gas back into the baby's system.

5. Similac Sensitive Powder Formula - 23.2 oz. Similac Sensitive Powder Formula - 23.2 oz. - James was a little too sensitive to tollerate the Similac Advance EarlyShield Powder Formula - 23.2 oz. so we switched him at his two week appointment. It might have been one of the best decisions we made. We've been pretty happy with it, and have taken to buying the formula at Sam's... which you get much bigger canisters of the powder for a better price.

6. Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat - White/Brown Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat - White/Brown - a friend of ours delivered this to us shortly after James came home, and he loves it! It is so cute - it vibrates, sings and helps keep him happy during the day. We loved it so much that we ended up registering for Kolcraft Cuddle 'n Care Rocking Bassinet with Light Vibes Mobile - Creampuff and the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing too!

That's the majority of what we're using right now other than TONS of diapers... this little guy has the bladder of a walnut. (and that might be generous!)

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. If you don't mind saying a couple of prayers for us while you are praying - we'd really appreciate it:

* For the rest of James adoption process to go smoothly
* For our little peanut (the one growing in my tummy) to continue growing and getting strong
* For John's Aunt who has suffered several strokes this week, and is still unable to speak
* For a dear friend of mine's grandmother who is having stroke issues as well this week


  1. What brand of diapers are you using? I am always interested in what other mommies like:-)

  2. I'll be praying for you! I think we've gone through so many diapers it's crazy, but you know Huggies and Pampers have rewards programs-each package of diapers has a code on them and go online and redeem them for gift cards and things like that! Makes all those diapers a little more fun! We use the Dr. Brown bottles too...but they have been leaking lately! I don't know what is going on with that! How much is James eating per feeding? I'll talk to you soon! Love, Becky


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