Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Work it Out

Today, I hit play for the first time on a new workout system. It's unlike anything I've ever done, but it's helping me to focus more on my core, flexibility, and posture for the time being. It's a 90-day workout plan, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'd love for you to join me on this journey - I will choose something else after this program is complete, likely something with a bit more impact -- but for now, this is what my body needs.

Tai Cheng™: Mobility, Agility, Vitality. Everything is about to feel better.  Get to know Tai Cheng. 

Tai Cheng can help people overcome injuries, improve balance, strengthen muscles, and maybe even rediscover their youth. 

Dr. Mark Cheng worked with Beachbody® to create Tai Cheng. A martial arts master trainer with more than three decades of experience in Tai Chi—Dr. Cheng used 21st-century sports science to develop Tai Cheng, which can help your customers’ vitality improve with age. 

What’s included in Tai Cheng? 

• 4 workout DVDs, plus 1 Master Scroll reference DVD 
• “Easy Does It” Fitness Guide and “Feel Better Food Plan” Nutrition Guide 
• 90-day Daily Workout Calendar and Blue Foam Roller 
1. Tai Cheng for Travel—to help reduce pain and stiffness while traveling
2. Tai Cheng for Sport—a workout that helps enhance your sports performance, especially golf 
3. Strength Band 
4. Adhesive tape to create the Tai Cheng foot placement grid 
5. Free Team Beachbody® 30-day VIP membership 

How do you order Tai Cheng? HERE -- Right there on the homepage on the right-hand side, you will find a link directly to the program. 

What do your customers get if they order Tai Cheng from you? 

• FREE bonus DVD: Tai Cheng Body Alignment. In it, Dr. Cheng demonstrates how important body mechanics and posture is to maintaining peak performance. 

• The opportunity to be featured in a future Tai Cheng infomercial.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kitchen Hacks

I am working really hard these days on getting more and more efficient - I've got lots to say on this as I simplify and set up new practical systems within my home. Below you'll find 3 things that I've used to help get me on the right track!

My first main kitchen hack is using the My FreezEasy system for getting meals into my freezer on a regular basis to tame dinner time! There are so many options to choose from within this system. The basic plan puts out 8 new menus a month with several different dietary options to chose from 20 meals, traditional, slow cooker, gluten-free, clean eats,  -- there is also a chicken only, pork chop only, and ground beef only plans. The premium membership allows you to make your own plans from scratch (what I do most often), swap meals from the monthly menus with family favorites, and you get new menus each month. There is also the mobile app that you can use from your phone!

My second hack is the ALL NEW My Efficient Kitchen Class that Erin has developed. Are you stressed out about all the things that are needed from you in the kitchen? Are you ready to tame the witching hour? Want to learn some great time-saving tips from a busy mom of 4 active boys? This is the class for you. 

Here is what you get from your $19 investment:

  • 11 Short, But Impactful Lessons so you can watch when you have a few minutes, and absorb all the wisdom and practical tips
  • Downloadable Worksheets for the Lessons so you can fully digest the material and make decisions on what to change or tweak next
  • Simple Strategies for Purpose-Filled Kitchen so you can get to the dinner table without losing your mind
  • Definition of Overwhelm so you can recognize when it’s coming and then push through it
  • Clarity on Decision Fatigue and how it affects your brain at the witching hour
  • Make the One Step Ahead Concept a Part of Your Daily Routine so you never feel like you’re spinning backward
  • In-depth Look at the Greatest Cooking Hacks so you can figure out what will help you best (where you are right now)
  • Immediate & Continued Access to the class so you can get started right away and come back to review or refresh at any time

After learning what Erin has to say about Instant Pots (Electric Pressure Cookers) -- you may also want to check out her Electric Pressure Cooking 101 class -- Here is what your $12 investment gets you: 

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Repost: The Story of Bob

A cute reminder from 2011...

That is Bob. 

Bob decided yesterday to make a grand move from downtown Houston to the suburbs - Cypress to be exact. He hopped on with us at John's office building, and rode with us to Cypress.

He is a tough little guy because he managed to hang on to the window going 60 miles an hour on the HOV lane for 20+ miles... and through that we bonded a little bit. I sort of wondered if I picked him back up this morning if I could have driven the HOV with him as my second passenger... and if I brought his brother out with me this evening if that would count as well. (not likely since someone tried to claim a blow up doll as their second passenger and that didn't qualify)

Anyway, back to Bob.

He hung on for dear life for the trip from the city to the suburbs... and brought about this conversation and ensuing hilarity upon our arrival to Cypress.

John: "Do you want that thing to jump on you when you open the door to get the boys?"
Me: "No, but I was scared to crack the window to get him off because if he flew in the car - we'd have a serious wreck because I'd flip out."
(Bob was still on the window taunting me... and surely laughing)
John: "Well, lets try to get him off at the light."

I rolled down the window at said light... and Bob didn't budge. At least until I started rolling the window up... at which point he jumped inside the car... and caused a lot of screaming and flailing. I didn't know where he went, but then found him on my door inside the car... and of course the light turned green right as Bob jumped on to the STEERING WHEEL... and from there he proceeded to find his way over to John's side of the car. Much more screaming and lots of laughter came... and we had to pull over into the driveway of the high school in the middle of the street...

Upon opening the car door - Bob was spotted on the passenger seat, and was beaten with a spare baby bib that was in the car. We don't really know what happened to Bob after that - my happy place is that he is happily living in the area with the ducks and the pond... or reeking havoc with the high school girls there in Cy Ranch High School.

After much more laughter - bringing on tears - we continued on our way to get the boys. Just before we reached Miss Amanda's house though John caught a glimpse of a shadow and thought Bob had reappeared which spawned more laughter and more shrieking.

When we got to Amanda's - I got out to get the boys while John thoroughly inspected every inch of the car... no Bob was found... and we went on about our lives.

You just CAN'T make this stuff up!
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Repost: Tender Hearted

Things are super busy right now -- so I thought I'd repost a couple of my most popular posts.... this one is from 2013.

It's nap time in the house of Hawk, and John is watching a movie. This particular movie is called War Horse, and it's killing me. I've got such a soft side for animals when it comes to storytelling. I've never been more affected by movies than the ones where an animal is at the center of the story line.

The movie Hatchi just about did me in several years ago - I mean full on sobbing crying over this sweet dog. I remember doing the same thing in Dances with Wolves over the field full of dead buffalo, the horses, and the wolf... 

Don't get me wrong, I am a sobbing mess at movies with sad messages... but for some reason, an animal gets me every single time... without fail and without question.

I've only been sort of watching this movie with a lot of distraction, but the way this horse has been taken and put through so much in a war (I'm guessing WWI or WWII) is just horrible. He keeps getting taken from his owners and put to use in the war, and I know this is the way it was done back then -- I just can't help feeling sorry for him. The whole thing seems so barbaric.

I'm totally missing the point of this movie because of the animal factor too -- which makes me laugh. I am such a dope. I much prefer movies that don't use animals in the center of the story -- unless it's super happy. That's just my personal issue...

I guess it's no surprise that I'm snuggled down between a dog and a cat while writing this. I'm sure it's not a super shock that I'd rather bring any stray home than hear about it getting hurt -- I guess that goes for animals or kids. John used to laugh at my career goal when we were younger -- I wanted to be a social worker, but he knew that if I worked with CPS -- it would be bad.

He always said that he'd end up bailing me out of jail for beating up some kid's parent to show them what child abuse feels like... HAHA! Then he'd have to bring me home to a house full of wall to wall kids because I would take them home instead of trusting them to the system. This might be true, but I never got into that career field, and I guess maybe that is because God knew that wasn't the right ministry for me.
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Classroom Setup

I let these two wild and crazy guys preview their new classroom set up today after I'd finished getting it all ready for next week. We've got new desks this year and hopefully, they'll last a bit longer than our smaller wooden versions. I really liked them because they are adjustable so the boys can sit at the right height for themselves.

This is our Character section - we are continuing forward with our We Choose Virtues program with a few other things to supplement our lessons - I've got our character video series from our preschool years that we never watched, so I'm planning on pulling out our television that is in the closet there to show those at least one day a week. There is a chart where we can mark off if we're having good days on each of the character traits too.

This is our calendar & math corner -- I'm debating taking down the calendar this year and making this a science and math section -- but for now the calendar is still up and ready to roll for next week.

The boys have these classroom manners/rules basically memorized so I'm sure as the year moves on, I'll trade these out for other things. I've also got the books of the Bible displayed there with the Old Testament on the top list and the New Testament on the bottom.

This is where all of our workbooks live -- by the end of the year those racks will be empty on the top of that furniture. I've also got supplies inside of both sets of drawers there -- there is a social studies manipulative drawer, a math manipulatives drawer, a science experiment supply drawer, art supplies & lessons, pencils & erasers in bulk, and much more. I'm such a school supply geek that I have bought nothing this year and I think we'll still have leftovers.

This is our library -- we've got chapter books on top, paperback books on the top shelf, hardback books in the middle, and reference books on the bottom. We are starting a reading challenge on June 5th so the boys will be reading 400 minutes over the first 8 weeks of the school year, and hopefully, will earn some new books through the sponsorships that we've solicited.

Our height chart along with part one of our Language Arts section of the room... working on parts of speech in this area of the room.

This area talks about the different types of punctuation. On that shelf to the left side of the picture houses our really nice special hardback books, some teaching books for Mom, and our classroom fish tank.

The classroom is ready and the desks are full for the start of class on June 5th. We have closed the door for the remainder of our break. A little more R&R before we get started on our next school year!
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