Saturday, December 8, 2018

Heart of a Mother: A Gift and A Miracle

Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of writing a book. I never really knew what it would be about, until much later when my life became so much more than what I would have ever imagined. Through all the tough times, we just keep pushing forward... all while God was weaving the most incredible tapestry within our story. 

The book is based on our story from our meeting through our struggle to become parents, but there is so much more woven into this story. There is something for everyone to hopefully glean from these pages. In addition, I've added discussion questions so that you could use it as a part of a book study with a book club or a group of friends. My hope is that by reading our story, you'd learn the power of leaning into God and never EVER giving up. 

About the book: How often can you look back on the most difficult times of your life, only to catch a glimpse that they were already preordained by an amazing God? In this powerful journey through their many challenges, you will experience one family’s incredible story of struggle and triumph to parenthood. Be encouraged as you read how they found humor, faith, and an abundance of Grace along the path that was carefully laid out for them before the foundations of the world. From infertility to a pregnancy that was foretold to be impossible, you will be inspired as you watch God unfold their story that ends in unimaginable greatness.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Get Your Powersheets TODAY!

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Lastly, they also have the amazing Write the Word Journals in several different versions -- these are another product that I dearly love! 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lego Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated our youngest's birthday with a Lego themed party.  He chose this theme fairly close to his party date so we didn't have a whole lot of time for planning, and our budget was tighter than normal this year. I think we managed to pull off a super cute party even with those constraints. 

I found some cute patterns online to build the birthday boy's name out of Legos, but we couldn't exactly decide which size Legos the pattern was for... so we ended up doing our own thing to build his name out of Duplo sized blocks. We also built two 8s to make the mantel look symmetrical. I also got some plate and cup sets that came with the banner and tablecloth.  I ended up with two of these sets.  I also got this favor bag set, and these add-ins for the guests. If I had it to do over again, the add-ins were too small for the kids to even really make, so I'd opt for these instead.

If our budget had been larger - I would have looked into this photo prop, these photo props, this pinata, these balloons, or this additional decoration set. 

I was able to find this free resource to print Lego paper -- so I printed them on a pack of 5 different shades of paper that I found here.  I took the paper and cut it into pieces and put this pattern on the wall, under a large Minecraft village that Tyler had made. I also put some of these blocks around our TV, because the party was mainly held in our living room/kitchen area. Given more time, I might have put them in some other areas around the house too.

This was Tyler's cake this year, we did not make it like we did last year.  He really liked it though. 

A couple of our friends that were coming are doing the Keto diet, so I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of food for them to eat as well as keep it simpler this year for our budget.  In parties past, we've always served a full meal for the most part... but this year it was more finger foods.  Tyler made fruit sticks with grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries.  I thought about adding pineapple as well, but you could do any sort of fruit that you like.

We also made a meat & cheese tray with turkey chunks, summer sausage, salami, cheddar cheese squares, and colby jack squares. We had some extra space, so we served olives with it. For those not eating low carb, we served some Ritz crackers on the side of our meat tray. Our next item, is a Vegetable Tray with Ranch Dip -- we included: carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, broccoli, and celery in the tray.  Tyler requested Charleston Cheese Dip because it's his absolute favorite. 

We serve the Cheese Dip with pita chips.  Then we made two forms of Greek Salad -- a green salad version, and a pasta salad version.

Here is our sweet birthday boy who had a wonderful day surrounded by people he loves the most. Eight is Great, and he is SO happy to finally be the same age as his brother for the next 6 months!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Made by August Lane

At Made By August Lane, we make custom t-shirts and custom promotional/gift items! Let Debi and our team help you make your special item dreams come true... if you see it, we can make it! 

Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram - where we often post our newest creations that are available for order before we can get them loaded onto the website. 


These are some of our designs -- several of them I own personally, but we can make anything your heart desires. Debi is the mastermind and the most amazing designer -- and she can make all sorts of shirts, tanks, jackets... mugs, doormats, water bottles, and we are now breaking into the market of welcome home gifts for realtors. The welcome home baskets are going to be awesome with a door mat, mugs, kitchen towels, and potholders all stored in an amazing large bucket -- each item personalized for the family.

40 Things About Me

A couple months ago, I turned 40 -- and I thought it might be fun to share 40 things about me... some you might know and some you might not.


  1. Growing up, I was the youngest sibling - and cousin on both sides of my family. 
  2. At age 25, I became the middle child of 5 when my parents adopted my younger siblings. 
  3. John and I met online - before it was a real thing... three different times before it stuck. 
  4. The first time we met, I scared him off by sending a photo that made me look too young. 
  5. We were married when I was 23.
  6. I cried through our entire wedding ceremony because I was so nervous about facing the congregation. 
  7. My first semester of college, I attended the University of Alabama, and remember it fondly even though at the time I thought I was miserable.
  8. I had a 12-year long career in non-profit fundraising and data management before having the boys. 
  9. In college, I interned for Children's Miracle Network and fell in love with helping people through charities. 
  10. While working with Children's Miracle Network, I worked on their annual telethon... it was amazing and exhausting.
  11. I was the only Ring Dance coordinator (think, 7 proms with different themes & entertainment all happening at the same time) my senior year at Texas A&M, it was a huge undertaking, but I learned a LOT about myself that year. 
  12. My senior year at A&M was the year of the Bonfire Collapse, and I've never been more proud and humbled of my Aggie Family than I was during those excruciatingly painful days. 
  13. I began a new job on September 11, 2001 -- and watched the events of that day unfold on a television in their lobby before being sent home for the day. 
  14. I was supposed to fly to Chicago on September 12, 2001, for a trip with my sisters and stepmom, but that trip never happened due to the closure of all the air travel at that time. (I've still never been to Chicago.)
  15. Two of my favorite places that I've ever been are - New York City and Washington, D.C. 
  16. In the summer between 7th & 8th grade, I went on a 3-week long bus tour of the West Coast with my school. 
  17. When I was very young, my grandfather had his own airplane so if I wanted to visit... I'd call him and ask him to send the plane to get me. 
  18. I couldn't be more grateful that I was able to grow up without social media... I can't imagine if the antics we lived back then were on social media. 🙅
  19. I won my first computer at my after-prom party... I actually won a stereo but traded it with a friend for the computer & that's the computer I had when I met John. 
  20. I am allergic to saltwater -- and apparently my own sweat if it stays on my skin for too long.
  21. As a small child, I wanted to be a marine biologist, which would have been problematic with my saltwater allergy. 
  22. After an 8 year battle through infertility, James was born.
  23. Tyler was born 6 months later after an intense pregnancy.
  24. I was 32 years old when they were born.
  25. We moved to Memphis for a couple of years when the boys were 9 & 15 months old. 
  26. I've suffered from migraines since high school.
  27. My first mini-stroke was in January 2013, and I spent several days in the hospital because of it. 
  28. We moved home in October 2013, and I had a second mini-stroke in my Dad's driveway. 
  29. In March 2014, I finally was diagnosed with MoyaMoya Disease.
  30. I had two brain surgeries in the summer of 2014, and the first one mostly cured me of daily migraine headaches and periods of not being able to control my muscles.
  31. We chose to homeschool because of some learning challenges that James deals with. 
  32. I used to make beaded jewelry as a side business.
  33. I've tried several MLM companies, and while I love the products... I am just NOT cut out for that work. 
  34. I've always dreamed of writing a book, and I'm now making it happen! 
  35. I'm a self-proclaimed planner junkie... I need a 12-step program.
  36. Baking and cooking relax me, but meal planning stresses me out. 
  37. Reading is one of my favorite past-times, and I try to read between 35-50 books every year. 
  38. I love giving gifts, but birthdays and Christmas stress me out because I want to get the perfect gift for each person. I'm never confident that they will like the gift. 
  39. In 6th grade, I won a solo singing competition... but I quickly retired afterward. 
  40. Last but not least... and I take a lot of heat for this one... but I'm not a fan of bacon or seafood. I will tolerate bacon in recipes, but I'd never crave it.