Sunday, October 13, 2019

2020 Powersheets Collection Guide

The 2020 Powersheets ($60) are coming on the 16th a 10AM EST!! This is going to be the best year yet with the new hardcovers, gold coil, and gold corners that will help protect the inside pages as well as add a little pop! These are such a blessing as Lara and her team walks you through every step of the prep work - in early December they have an entire week devoted to sharing videos of how to work through the process, and continue to encourage you to make progress every step of the way. From the top left - we have Teal Linen, Pink Linen, Confetti, and Blooms. Each one has a pocket on the inside that can hold all sorts of things. New for this year is the 2-page calendar spread for each month that can serve as a planner inside of the powersheets... especially if you use their Weekly Sticky Notepad that I'll show you a bit later in the post.

In addition to the Powersheets themselves - they're giving us 15 new accessories to be added on to your order, and a couple of bundles that I'll walk you through a little bit later.

Let's meet your 2020 accessory lineup! 

Accessory Pouch ($18) - add in all your accessories and then the elastic band fits around your Powersheets!

Wild Card Page Pack ($10) - these additional pages can be taped inside your Powersheets for more customization. Topics include meal planning, self-care, personal finance, reading lists, seasonal bucket lists, and more!
Goal Setting Sticker Book & Faith Sticker Book ($15)
Add some more color and fun to your planning!

Tending Tape ($12) Cultivate branded washi tape.

Legacy Journals ($18) Hard covered lined journals for sharing. 
They have a linen finish and come in Peach, Pool, or Chambray.

 2020 Best Year Wall Calendar ($22)
Magnetic Page Markers ($8)
Joyful Greeting Card Set ($24)

Gift Wrap Book ($24)

Everyday Lined Notebook Set ($18) - Set of 3

Pep Talk Post Cards ($12)

 Weekly Sticky Pad ($12)
New Day Pullover ($40) - soft sweatshirt in sizes XS-2XL

 12 white gold foil cards to write goal reminders on ($10)

Now... how about some BUNDLES!! 

The BEST YEAR BUNDLE - valued at $115 but sells for $95! Includes Powersheets of your choice, Goal Setting Sicker Book, Accessory Pouch of your choice, Tending Tape, and a Wild Card Page Pack. A great deal! 

For those that want EVERYTHING... check out the "I Want It All Bundle" -- valued at $261 but sells for $221! It includes Powersheets of your choice, Gift Wrap Book, 2020 Wall Calendar, Accessory Pouch of your choice, Tending Tape, Legacy Journal of your choice, Magnetic Page Markers, Joyful Greeting Card Set, Everyday Lined Journal Set, Goal Setting Sticker Book, Weekly Sticky Notepad, Wildcard Page Pack, Peptalk Post Cards, Goal Card Display Set.

Some other fun things you can expect on Launch Day... the best deals, free shipping on orders of $100 or more, a free sticker with each purchase, AND an entry into a drawing to have your order personally delivered anywhere in the US by the Cultivate What Matters Team!

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