Tuesday, September 24, 2019

2020 Powersheets are coming!!

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One of my most favorite products over the last several years - I found these in 2016 and haven't ever looked back... but each year they evolve a little bit and just keep getting better. Last year was the first time they've offered different cover options, and this year they've gone above and beyond with that!! They are now HARD COVERED! They've got amazing gold binding on the corners to keep the pages extra protected... they've got a lovely gold coil binding this year, and the extra bonus is the pocket on the inside -- let me tell you about those pockets after I tell you the cover names.
Starting in the top left, we've got Confetti (or Powerfetti) as we'd like to call it - the interior pocket is in a lovely teal color. Lara herself says that it's party on the front and business on the inside. HAHAHA!

Top right -- is my personal favorite (and my choice for the coming year. Teal Linen, it's simple, elegant and bright. The inside pocket on this cover is business on the front and party on the inside because it has the floral blooms on the pocket. This is the tidbit of information that pushed me into choosing this cover... because blooms is my second favorite.

Bottom left is the Pink Linen cover the inside pocket on this one is the Confetti - it would likely be my third choice if I were putting them in order... but I'm going to include a fun little color chart to help you decide which design would suit you best.

Finally. last but not least is the bottom right - Blooms! I was torn between this and the Teal Linen for a couple hours leading up to the full cover reveal video - this cover is beautiful and fresh. Lara described it as if the sprouts of the Confetti design grew up and bloomed -- which is perfect. The pocket on the inside of this design is a lovely periwinkle color.

Need help choosing your own cover?

These will be on sale beginning on October 16th, and the full-year design is going to be $60 this year. Which is an AMAZING value considering all of the improvements that have been made to the design and durability this year - the team decided to not raise the prices so that the community can continue to benefit from this amazing goal-setting system.

They have 15 new accessories coming out this year that will be revealed on October 9th.  But, wait... there's more - coming soon! Be sure to come back here for all the details and my choices for what I'm going to be getting for the year of clear vision... get it? 2020! 😂

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