Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Excitement Continues...

Things here at the old casa just keep getting wackier and wackier these days. Let me start from the beginning...

Roughly 7 weeks or so ago - I started feeling ill, A. LOT. Nausea took over my life, but as that has happened so many times over the last 10 years or so... I tend not to think anything of it for at least a month. It just is a common occurrence... so I just kept on trucking with life as best I could.

Honestly, my first thoughts were... I'm stressed... we've had a failed placement, John's illnesses, the stress of the new potential placement, and then the wild ride of actually adopting and bringing James home... so to think that it was stress... really wasn't a far stretch since all of that has happened since mid-February!

The thought started crossing my mind a little while before we got James that there might possibly be more to the symptoms than were typically usual for me... but I wanted to wait until we got to a certain point with that before really jumping off into that possibility. So, the night that we brought James home... I noticed that I was having to use the ladies room more often than normal... and that I wouldn't be able to wait until morning to take the test.

So, at 3 o'clock in the morning just after putting James down from a feeding... I took my test. Imagine my shock when the thing immediately came up positive! GAH! I walked back into our bedroom and gently asked John if he was awake... he of course was, and I told him "we're pregnant" to which he replied "are you freaking serious?" then we both laughed.

I called my doctor's office the next morning and made an appointment to get things confirmed before we really started getting used to the idea. Our appointment was today... and not only are we pregnant... but we're not just a little bit pregnant... we're almost through the first trimester! Baby H will be here on October 29th!

I've got some pretty risky health issues to overcome with this little baby, but according to the ultrasound and heart beat today - the baby is perfect. We will be watching my diet pretty closely and I've been strictly told to exercise 30 minutes a day... to which I have the pregnancy police living with me... so I'm sure I'll be holding to it as much as possible. (Love you honey!)
Said pregnancy police is currently trying to figure out exactly when the baby should come early so that it works around the Texas A&M football schedule. You gotta have priorities, right?! HAHAHA! He's only teasing... hopefully!

So, there you have it folks... how many of you have taken your 11 day old son to the appointment where you find out that in 6 months he'll be a big brother?! WHOA!