Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Q&A Wednesday

It's Q&A Wednesday - so I'd like to open this blog up to see what you guys want to know... is there a burning question you have for me right now? Things are nuts... and I've been fairly lacking on finding time to blog right now - so in order to be as efficient as possible... ask away!! I'll get some answers up by tomorrow night.

Today has been another busy day:

  • We took the little buddy boy back for his third hearing test. He didn't pass on one side in the hospital because of fluid remaining in his ears from being a c-section baby... but today he passed with flying colors. 
  • We went for his first trip to a restaurant - I know silly... but it can be stressful worrying about if you can get a meal in before he wakes up and needs something. We had a lovely little lunch at Olive Garden... because this Mama has been craving all things fruit and veggie lately... so I needed some good salad. 
  • While the boys sat in the car - I ran in and bought the first of my maternity wardrobe. My pants especially aren't fitting right anymore... ok - the fit alright, but they are uncomfortable on the belly... so I went ahead and got some jeans, a pair of shorts, two tops, and a dress. (Cause I figure it's not cool to show up to your baby shower in sweat pants!) 

  • Other than that - a bazillion phone calls to the OB's office - and we'll call it a day. Apparently I have some sort of bacterial infection so I need to take some antibiotics, they forgot to give me supplies and instructions for a test that the lab needs to run, my prenatal vitamins that are chewable were discontinued so I had to get them to call in something else, and finally - rescheduling my appointment for Friday because they wanted me to come in earlier. 
The rescheduled appointment means that I'll miss James' second trip to the pediatrician, but it's probably for the best because I'd like to strangle that lady. I think we'll be making an appointment to meet with a new doctor that happens to be the sister in law of a good friend of mine. 

So alright, now it's up to you... what do you want to know about this crazy, beautiful, exhausting life of mine?


  1. Where did you get your maternity clothes from? There's hardly anything in San Angelo so I'll have to do online shopping and have everything hemmed.

  2. Hey! It's your lurking friend Denee'! Congratulations on both babies! How exciting!!!! James is so adorable. I know it sounds weird, but I think he favors you both. :)

    My questions are totally baby related:

    Are you planning on returning to work since you are going to have 2 babies so close together, or do you get to be a SAHM?

    How are you feeling now since your pregnancy has come further along? Still having the yuckiness?

    Once again Kim, I read your blog everyday! I love the way you's so raw and real. You should really write a book! I'd buy it!

    Congrats again!

  3. How does your weight-loss surgery affect your pregnancy, if any? Do you have to be extra careful to only eat healthy stuff?

  4. Are you planning on finding out the sex or do you want to be surprised?

    What was most surprising about the change of bringing home a new baby (i.e. how they sleep, how little you sleep, how little they are)?

    Were you planning on growing your family larger (adopting another at a later time) or did you feel "done" - not that it really matters because God had other plans ;-)


Thank you so much for your comments. I really enjoy getting feedback on my writing!