Tuesday, July 26, 2011

King Doughnut Giveaway

The wonderful folks from one of my favorite online retailers is teaming up with me for another product review and giveaway! We all love doughnuts, right? If you're like me though, the thought of having to get dressed to to out and buy them can seem daunting on a weekend morning. For me, that's part of the charm of baked doughnuts... I can make them for the family while still in my jammies!

The King Arthur Flour folks sent me a doughnut pan and a buttermilk doughnut mix. This is what you could win for yourself!

The back of the doughnut pan has a recipe for spiced cake doughnuts... YUM! I clipped it out and saved it with all my recipe cards.

You get to batches of mix in the box - so you can try out a couple of different things... and they have other mixes as well! They've got Apple Cinnamon, Buttermilk, and Chocolate.

I poured the mix into a large mixing bowl, and it called for mixing in two eggs slightly beaten. Then you can choose the other ingredients - either milk or water (I chose milk) and oil or melted butter (I chose melted butter). I felt like I needed to go full on with this round to see what the best ingredient options (for full flavor) would make for us. 

You just pour all those ingredients into a bowl together and mix until smooth. It couldn't be more easy! The hardest part for me was getting each of the photos taken.

Here is the batter ready to put into the pan. Just a little note, there is a hint of cinnamon flavor in this batter. I know one of my dear friends is not a fan of cinnamon - so I just wanted to give the heads up. I'll mention this again later - because it brings up a point I want to make when we get to glazing them.

Spray your pan with a little cooking spray (I used butter flavored) and fill the molds about 2/3 full. Then bake! 

Here are my babies in their little warm comforting oven... ready to do their magic and be ready to eat in about 10 minutes!

I didn't really prepare enough ahead of time and wasn't sure if I'd have all the needed ingredients to make my own glaze, but I had this Duncan Hines glaze from something else I was going to make before we moved. So I used that. I'd HIGHLY recommend you go to King Arthur's site and look at these glaze recipes. I can honestly say, that I wouldn't go chocolate glaze again with this mix. It wasn't right for me with the cinnamon flavoring... I think vanilla or the cider recipe would be better.

On thing that is different from most baked goods is that the doughnuts are finished baking but the tops never brown. It's a good thing that you glaze them, but it is sort of against the nature for someone that bakes fairly regularly. 

Here is my glaze all ready to go, and the doughnuts sitting on a baking sheet ready to take their dip in chocolatey goodness. I pulled them out of the pan after a minute or two for a little more cooling - because my "natives" were getting restless, and I needed them to be room temp to serve them to James & Tyler.

Doughnut in the pool! It quickly got a shower of pecans after the dip in the glaze. You can have so much fun with the glazes and toppings. I mean you could do an orange juice glaze... maple glaze... and the topping options are limitless!

Here they are ready to eat! Yum-o! I couldn't have been more happy with how these turned out. They were fluffy, tasty, and made everyone in my family happy. The mix and instructions couldn't have been easier... and the pan was wonderful! I know without a doubt that you would LOVE having this as an addition to your kitchen.

James getting to eat his first taste of a doughnut... he's never had anything like that before - so it was a very successful first breakfast pastry!

Chocolate face proves how much he enjoyed it!

Tyler's first bite of a doughnut... no chocolate for him though.

MMMMMmmmmm... tasty!

Alright, so lets get down to the contest rules - shall we?

Contest ends at midnight on August 2nd. 

PLEASE, leave ONE comment PER entry - it is easier for me to figure out the winner!
There is a total of 10 entries per person... so you'd need to put in 10 comments to get them all.

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