Monday, July 25, 2011

C is for Change

Now, change is something I've learned A. LOT. about over the last 2 years. Lets see... two years ago I was: working at a job I hated, was dealing with infertility treatments, submerged in my church with ladies that I adored hanging out with, living in my hometown with a good portion of our family living close by.

Fast forward a few months, and James enters the picture and we found out that I've got a miracle pregnancy. A few more months (6) and Tyler appears. A couple more months and we find out about the possibility of a cross country move. January 2011, we start the craziness of living in separate states during the work week... and in June, we moved to Memphis.

As I read that paragraph, my head spins. My life looks nothing like it did two years ago - and I'm still working to wrap my head around it all. It's been two years of enormous changes with little time to adjust in between each new item being added to the mix.

I'm not saying that the changes are bad... TRUST me. They are each exciting and wonderful by themselves, but heap them all together into about 14 months - and it can get a bit overwhelming.

To be sure, the best of the changes were the births of James & Tyler... it's funny how life is almost unrecognizable if you try to think back to the days before they came along. It's hard to imagine what life was like before - quieter and cleaner to a certain extent, but also much more dull and boring.

Can I just say - GOOD LAWD... I need to join Weight Watchers pronto! Anyway... there is so much to experience with these little boogers... and I can't wait until they're a little older and we can get out to see more of it. It's a little tough on me at the present time to deal with them by myself at certain venues.

Just 7 months ago, I had these little guys at home alone during the work week and a full-time job... I can't even tell you how hard that was. For all the frustration that comes with being a stay at home Mom... (I'll get into some of that in another post inspired by a FB post from a friend) there is nothing like being here for these little guys.

Today, I live in a different city... and most of my day is spent looking at these faces...

There's lots of messy diapers, food everywhere, bottles galore, and even vomit... but it's worth it!

I would dearly love to start meeting some other women though to find some groups and meet some ladies in the same boat as me. Surely if we all meet up at the mall play area during the week in the middle of the school year... if one kid throws a fit - they won't know which Mom to glare at, right? HA!

Missing our family and friends is really the hardest part of it all - because we've never lived so far away from all of them, but I know that once we start getting some roots... and maybe the occasional babysitter... things will start to look normal. Notice I didn't say "normal again" because we've reached the point in our lives that we've lived so long without normal... I can't tell you what it looks like anymore... but I do look forward to establishing that again and enjoying my time with our little family all living together again.


  1. Yay for a new normal!! And hooray for babysitters - I need to find one, NOW. ;) The new Harry Potter movie is calling my name.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. What does normal look like anyway? I think you're pretty close to yours, it'll just take a bit more time to settle in completely. But what a great 'new normal' it is...from so much that you loathed to so much you love dearly. God really turned your life upside down, but looks at how beautiful it has become!


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