Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fruit Infusion Giveaway

As promised... here we go with another AWESOME summertime giveaway.

Before we get into the review and giveaway - the winner of the Lets Make Lemonade Giveaway is...

(email me at kbhawkins00 AT gmail DOT com so I can get the prize to you)

And now... the folks from Takeya are SO awesome - they're letting me review and giveaway another of their products, and this one I know you'll be equally excited about. 

I fell in love with their Fruit Infusion pitcher instantly when I saw it - who doesn't love to bump up the flavor of water? I personally get bored quickly with plain old water... so a little creativity helps. 

Here is the pitcher just out of the box. It's really similar to the lemonade pitcher in design, but has a really cool filter to hold the fruit into the pitcher and allowing the water to come out. I was feeling citrus the day that I decided to do our demonstration - and happened to have lemons, limes, and an orange... so that's what I chose to use.

I was feeling citrus the day that I decided to do our demonstration - and happened to have lemons, limes, and an orange... so that's what I chose to use. 

Simply slice up the fruit that you want to add into the pitcher, and you're 99% done! I've also heard that cucumber water is amazing... and even adding herbs would be an option as well. 

This is a good image of the filter that is used to hold the fruit into the pitcher while you pour -  it's a great feature that helps from having fruit drop into your glass as you pour.

I put in a little ice, dropped in my fruit slices and filled the pitcher the rest of the way with filtered water. I then placed the pitcher into the fridge for a few hours to let the fruit infuse it's flavor into the water. 

After a few hours - I poured myself a glass and enjoyed some cool summer refreshment. You could drink sooner if you squeeze the fruit into the water. 

I really think this pitcher is great - in light of things that I've learned recently about the benefits of fresh lemon juice... (it apparently can cure/prevent several types of cancer) I'll be using it very often. I think it will be fun to come up with different combinations of fruit to put together. It's very simple to use, and light weight... and I think it would be a great benefit to everyone. You could even use it for other drinks and just let the filter keep the ice from falling into your glass as you pour.

Soooo --- here we go... it's YOUR chance to get one of these! 

The giveaway deadline will be midnight on Monday, July 11th.

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  1. First off, congratulations to Ashlee!!

    Ooh, the fruit infusion pitcher! This is the one I really wanna win!!

    1) I follow the blog!

  2. 2) I follow the recipe blog

  3. 3) The combo I'd want to try...well, now that you mentioned herbs, I wonder what mint/cucumber would be like? Or mint and lemon...or lemon and strawberry!

  4. 4) Read more of? Hmm..dunno. I'd just like to read more in general, but I know you're a busy mommy these days. :) How about your Memphis adventures? The places you visit and what you're learning about your new hometown!

  5. Oh my god, that looks amazing! I totally need one of those. Follow!

  6. Definitely want to try the cucumber water!

  7. And of course i want you to keep blogging about those boys... *(and how you get any sleep).

  8. I want to hear more about Memphis! (3)

  9. I would mix um, citrus and basil! (4)

  10. Yay! I'm soo excited I won the lemonade maker! emailing you now! (don't count this comment as an entry I don't want to be a contest hog!) Just wanted to say thanks!!

  11. I'd be boring and probably just use it with lemons and limes but I think I'd like to try some herbs as well...basil is a favorite:)

  12. I follow both of the blogs. I am not huge on herbs so I would infuse with strawberry! I would love to read more about Memphis too!!

  13. 1 & 2: I follow both blogs 3: I would like to try it with mint and lemon 4: I'd like you to keep blogging about your boys and life as a mom--and tell us about your new experiences in Memphis!--Amy (Dillard) Reid

  14. 1. I follow your blog.
    2. I follow Kim's Cuisine (have tried several recipes...yum.)
    3. I love citrus (lemon/lime/orange) and I might try cherry/lime or strawberry & lime.
    4. Keep blogging about the boys and their adventures. Love the stories!

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