Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Awesome Idea

I promise - tomorrow the giveaway winner will be announced AND the new giveaway will be posted.

I just have two things to tell you about - then I've got to go rescue a baby or two from their cribs.

1) I've linked up with this comment challenge... and I think it's a SUPER cool idea... so check it out. The idea is to help spread the word about your blog AND hopefully meet some new friends. You just comment on 10 blogs a day for 7 days and hopefully you'll find some more ladies out there like you.

Any of you coming over from Jenna's Journey... WELCOME! There is so much to tell you about me... which brings me to my next update.

2) My friend Jillian is brilliant... she is doing a series of posts on her blog based on the alphabet. She's using 1 word per post (going through the alphabet) to tell you all about her... I'm totally doing this! Starting in the next couple of days. Please go check out Jillian's posts to get an idea of how this might look, and if you decide to join in - please let both of us know... I'd love to read it, and I'm sure she'd love to know that her idea is spreading too.

Alright, baby time!