Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun Giveaway

As earlier promised... it's time for another giveaway! The folks from CSN stores have asked me to host another giveaway - and I loved the prizes I offered last time... so I thought we'd give someone else a chance to win their choice of some of the coolest prizes ever.

Before we get to the details on how you can win... you should check out CSN and their 200 stores online selling everything from cookware to baby products to platform beds.

Now, I know what your next question is... what were the prizes again?

I know there is at least one of these that you'd love to have in your kitchen... if not all three of them! So the deal is that I'll pick a winner at the end of the giveaway, and the awesome folks over at CSN will email you the promotion code to order the prize of your choice! (The cost of the item and the shipping is included)

How do you enter?
** Only entries submitted in separate comments will be counted
*** Comments answering multiple questions in one will not be counted

- 1 entry for leaving a comment telling me which of the three items you'd choose and why.
- 1 entry for leaving a comment telling me what you'd make with your winning item - and would be cruel to not leave a link to said recipe or tell us how to make it! 
- 1 entry for blogging about this giveaway
- 1 entry for tweeting or posting this giveaway on Facebook - ask your readers to reference you in their entry... and I will give the 3 people with the most references an extra entry! 
- 1 entry for being a follower of Faith, Grace, & Giggles

That's it folks - you have until Friday, July 2nd to get your entries in and get all of your friends to enter to see who wins the extra entries!!