Monday, June 21, 2010

Poor Buddy

We've taken the plunge again to change James' formula... we're now trying Similac Isomil Soy - our third option after Similac Advanced, and Similac Sensitive... hopefully this will be the answer to getting a feeding in and James not being miserable.

Similac Isomil Advance Soy Formula 34 Oz. Powder

The poor little guy came home from the hospital having terrible fits of gas and at his two week appointment we changed him over to the Similac Sensitive - which oddly enough foams up even more than the original formula. So we had to take to stirring his bottles gently rather than shaking them up. We've gone about 8 weeks on the Sensitive, but about a week or two ago - he started getting really fussy in the middle of his feedings.

By really fussy - I mean he'd scream bloody murder if you put the bottle back in his mouth before he'd had about a 10 minute break. He's also been fairly gassy again - and just generally seems to not be eating as well... and for a growing boy - he needs to be increasing his intake not barely getting in the status quo. 

So we've tried one bottle of the soy formula tonight, and will see how the next couple of days go... I know he's still got the other formula in his system and has had a really rough day today - poor Miss Amanda! 

We've luckily been planning a trip to Sam's to get our stockpile of formula for the next month for the end of this week - so now we'll have a couple of days to see if we should stockpile the soy based formula over the sensitive. 

It's a crazy ride, and a small part of me will feel guilty for not changing him sooner if we see a drastic improvement - BUT I guess you do the best you can. I just hate for him to be uncomfortable or in pain for even a second if I can help alleviate that in any way. We talked about it for a few minutes tonight before deciding to make the change - and both thought that we'd rather throw away some formula than have him hurt anymore. 

Thankfully the StrongMoms group (Similac's sample and coupon group) sent us a small can of the soy as a part of our welcome gift - so that is what we're using to see how he does. Say a little prayer that by buddy starts enjoying his mealtimes more, and has more comfort and relief from all the bubbles in his system.

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  1. I hope he starts feeling better! Those tummy problems must be making him and everyone else a little miserable!

  2. Gassy babies are no fun! We had a terrible time with BB. The Playtex drop-in bottles seemed to help a good bit because you can squeeze the air bubbles out before feedings.

  3. Kim, Hope this new formula works for you. Hope James feels better soon. Have a great week. Blessings,

  4. Kim - When my older one was a baby she did not tolerate formula well. The only thing that worked for her was Nutramagin - - maybe try it if the new one doesn't work.......Hope he feels better!!

  5. Kim - try switching to a ready-to-feed formula. Our ped doc told us those are better for gassy babies. Powder formula has lots of bubbles and can cause gas. Ryan has been on Similac Sesitive Ready-To-Feed since about 2 months. I haven't even switched to powder - the ready to feed is so easy with a bottle warmer. That's just my 2 cents!

    Amy C.


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