Saturday, June 19, 2010

Special Gift

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten a few very cool handmade gifts - everything we've gotten has been wonderfully generous... but something about handmade items just make them a little bit more special. I guess it is the love that goes into making it - and the little piece of the giver that stays with the item.

Recently, one of those gifts arrived from some friends of ours... and the item is so gorgeous - I just have to share it with you.

Our friends Danielle & Seth sent over a beautiful quilt that Danielle made for James... she is so incredibly talented! We are so lucky to have such special people in our lives, even if they don't live close to us anymore... John and Seth used to work together... and of course Danielle and I would hang out at the company Christmas parties every year... and we did get together one other time before they moved away. On top of being incredible with quilting - she is an AMAZING cook too!

If it weren't for this blog - we probably wouldn't still be in contact - or at least not on the level that we are... so here is to the small world that we can create through the internet.

So, you want to see what she made??

Isn't it beautiful? To see more of her amazing quilts... you can visit her blog, Nacho Mama's Quilt - please stop by and give her some love!

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