Wednesday, June 16, 2010


John will love that I'm telling this story - because he got such a kick out of it yesterday. He just about giggled the entire way home from work about it...

What was so funny, you might ask?? Well, I'll tell ya.

I didn't realize it at the time but apparently the ultrasound folks can zoom in and zoom out on the images you see during the scan... and I was a little preoccupied with pain and smashing going on... and contorting my body so that the lady could get the proper images.

Well, I remember seeing the image that was the one where she told us that Tyler was in fact a boy... and it was QUITE obvious what we were looking at...

A few minutes later, we were watching her measure the major bones in the legs and things... and well, his femur looked smaller to me than his boy parts... and I was a little worried that our baby might be a mutant.

It was at this point, through laughing so hard he was crying that John told me about the zoom feature of the images... UGH! I hate it when I have those moments of missing things... which happens more often than not when I'm being poked or prodded by some sort of medical professional.

Sadly the ultrasound lady had zero personality - so she couldn't enjoy our humor... oh well, we thought we were funny.

What is the last incredibly silly/embarrassing/ditzy thing you've done lately? Mine seem to be happening more and more often - and getting more and more off the wall every day! I blame it on the pregnancy, but I don't know if that's even fair.

As I sit here, I'm looking over to see one of the sweetest sights that I could ever imagine... my boys both asleep in the recliner... there is nothing more sweet than that!


  1. I cannot get over that second US picture.


    God is so amazing. That is life in your tummy. A miracle life. xoxo

  2. haha that made me LOL. Sounds like something I would do...

  3. ha..ha..if it makes you feel any better I thought that too when we saw Connor's "boy parts"! He's just beautiful in there Kim! I'm so happy for you and your BOYS!!!!

  4. lol... I have had the techs who only said what they had to say. I love his profile pic. He is perfect. I am so happy for you.


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