Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

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Over the weekend, I found myself needing to give the boys a bath while John was busy... in the old house - this was somehow easier - I think because 1) we bathed the boys in our bathroom downstairs and 2) Tyler wasn't active yet. At any rate, I got them both upstairs and decided the best way to keep them entertained and safe was to throw them in the tub together. Thus, we had our first combined bath! Photos were needed, correct? 

I also felt the need to share with you some photos of one of my first babies... Missy. Her sister, Maggie passed away shortly before we moved... but Missy is having a good time here in Memphis in her GIANT backyard. She has her choice of three doors to get into this great landscape... and this is her at a pretty far distance using our new zoom lens for the camera. She was sitting an soaking up some vitamin D before she noticed the camera... and then she decided it was necessary to start rolling.  

Headed out today to pick up our family portraits from a couple of weeks ago - and walk around the mall with a neighbor... so enjoy yourselves folks! Happy Wednesday... 


  1. Missy is such a sweetheart!! Looks like she loves her yard. :)

    And what a fun bathtime!

  2. What a cute boston terrier! She looks like she's loving the yard.

    The bathtub is THE BEST time passer ever. On rough days, I totally just throw my hands up and decide it's bath time. What kid isn't happy in the bath? Especially when there is a playmate in there too! Fun Fun :)


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