Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2020 Powersheets are HERE!!!

2020 PowerSheets Collection

I want to talk to any of you out there that are thinking that $60 is a lot of money for something like this. Trust me, I get it... but if you break it down... that's an investment of $5 a month... can you skip one trip to Starbucks or 2 trips to Sonic in a month to afford yourself this amazing product that will change your life? If you break it down even further... it's $0.16 a day... and I'm telling you the 80 pages of prep work is work that alone! 
So to sweeten the deal a little bit more -- if you use my link to make a purchase between now and Saturday at midnight... I will do a drawing for 2 people to win a gift card to Starbucks or Sonic -- their choice! 

Don't forget about the two bundles that are well worth a look at - remember if you spend $100 you'll get free shipping as well. So the Best Year Bundle will get you close to that - add on the Magnetic Page Markers  and you're there! You could also go ALL IN and get the I Want It All Bundle (if you opt in for that one -- let me know and you'll automatically get a gift card for a drink on me!)

Those that shop tomorrow will get the best deals (because the bundles will sell out) AND you'll be entered to win the amazing prize of your order being delivered by the Cultivate What Matters Team! I would LOVE to be a winner because I just want to hug these ladies! 

One more product that you might consider is the adorable New Day Pullover  it is a super soft sweatshirt that would be amazing to wear on those cold days!

Beginning on December 9th - Lara will begin posting Powersheets Prep Week videos - where they walk you through doing the prep work together as a community. There are some amazing groups on FB that are super supportive... but in addition to that - I'd love to help you with them as well -- just let me know in the comments and we might be able to pair up as accountability partners for our Powersheet goals.

There aren't many products I believe in quite like Cultivate What Matters... they've changed my life. Other things that they have are some great Write the Word journals, and The Kids Bundle which has some Write the Word journals designed specifically for kids!

REMEMBER to let me know in the comments if you use my link so that I can add your entry into my giveaway for 2 winners to get a Starbuck or Sonic gift card -- your choice!
2020 PowerSheets Collection

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