Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faint of Heart

Can I just tell you guys that having a newborn while being 13 weeks pregnant is NOT for the faint of heart? Seriously... it's HARD!

On Monday night - James decided that he didn't really want much to do with the glorious thing we all call sleep... so we all pretty much stayed up the whole night while he fussed and wouldn't sleep in his bassinet. Which then poor John had to go to work on Tuesday - so that meant he headed off to the office to be exhausted... while I stayed here to take care of a fussy baby.... while being exhausted!

For whatever various reasons, there wasn't much in the way of napping yesterday either - James would scream bloody murder if I put him in his bassinet - so it was either the bouncy seat or sleeping on me... neither of which led me toward dreamland.

By 5 o'clock when John got home... I was pretty close to the end of my rope - and my OB wanted me to start a second antibiotic for another bacterial infection... yes, I'm on two different antibiotics for things that I never even knew I had... so I don't deem them to be major problems at this point... but whatever.

So cue the tired husband walking in with dinner and new meds... of which these new meds are chewable! UGH! A chewable antibiotic... seriously?! Well, that literally put me over my rocker.

Hysterical tears... and a conversation something like this:

John: "Do you think I want you to chew them up because I'm a jerk?"
Kim: "You don't understand how hard it is to chew those up when it's hard enough to eat real food... that tastes good!"
John: "Something else is wrong... what is it?"
Kim: "I'm just exhausted..."
John: "What did you do while he was resting in his bouncy seat during the day?"
Kim: "I can't sleep while he's in that thing... what if he turns it over?"
John: "He can't turn that thing over..."
Kim: "What if Maggie gets hungry and eats him..." (What the heck?!)
John: "Lock her in the bathroom and get a nap."
Kim: "She's not going to eat him..." (Must have gotten some sense back)
John: "Take the bouncy seat and put it on the bed"
Kim: "You can't do that... it's not safe"
John: takes him and puts the bouncy on the bed... "Come here... it's fine..."
Kim: "Oh"
John: "Honey, if you need to go get a strap from the garage and strap the bouncy to the bed if it makes you more comfortable... you just have to figure it out so that you can do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself too."

Ya'll... I am telling you... it is hard!! H-A-R-D! I love this cute little guy so much... but sometimes I just plain loose my cool... which I think happens with most new mothers, but luckily they aren't dealing with the hormones of pregnancy. Granted they've got postpartum hormones... but I'm somehow thinking that those are better in line with dealing with your body in that stage of the game.

My body and my life are totally confused!!

I also have to say that not only is this baby "Peanut" (as we're calling her/him) one of God's true miracles... because honestly - how else can you explain 8 years of infertility to just go away in an instant and a natural pregnancy come into our lives? It also seems that God has taken my diabetes and made that a non-issue right now as well... my blood sugar levels are running in the 90's which is very normal. The only thing I worry about is my blood pressure which seemed high when we were at the doctor last week... but then again... as you can imagine doctors in that field truly cause some serious anxiety where I am concerned.

That's about where we are today - everyone is a little more rested today, but still recovering from yesterdays sleep deficits.