Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Craziness Continues

The craziness that is our lives these days continues... yesterday - as I was driving to work, my car decided to start shaking violently. After driving up Telge Road to 290 - the engine light came on... so I pulled over and called John. He thought it would be best that I drive it back home and park it there. Since he's carpooling again - I could use his truck to get to work. At the time - the thought was that I probably had gotten some bad fuel somewhere, but upon further review in the evening - we decided that probably wasn't the case since there was only 1/4 of a tank left.

So my poor car was wisked away to the hospital on a flatbed trailer... only to find out that one of the pistons in the engine wasn't firing correctly... thank goodness for extended warranties!! The other good news is that since they had it in doing warranty work - they checked out my car's famous noise and are fixing that too. Apparently that had something to do with the air conditioner... but was always a comical side to my car... passengers never knew what to say the first time they experienced what we lovingly called my car's "flatulence" problem.
Another interesting turn of events came when a brick truck decided to trench our yard on their way out of the community. It's really nice...

We're still waiting to hear back from Morrison Homes as to how and when this will be fixed. GEEZ - can't we get a break with these people?!

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