Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Started

Hi everyone, I'm writing this today for a future roll out to family and friends. There is a lot going on in the world of John & Kim Hawkins, and I need an easy outlet to write my thoughts down. There are about four main (really 5, but the 5th will come later) things going on right now, and I'm going to update you on where we are with those... then I will continue to update on their progress as time goes on.

Our house is closing in 4 weeks, and it is really looking beautiful. If you haven't seen the pictures the link is listed on the right side of the page for our photo site. Feel free to take a look at anything that strikes your fancy over there.

As it works out - my teaching career is in process for one more year. I had a great meeting with a principal yesterday, and she recommended that I take another year and really beef up my skills for the exact position that I want. I'm heavily leaning toward 4th grade at this point... I'm lacking one math class from college in order to be certified from Kindergarden through 4th grade in all subjects, and I'm going to take that math course this fall. So by the spring I'll be able to take another certification exam and really be set up for a great job next year. This of course isn't completely ideal in terms of getting out of my current job position, but I think that with everything going on this fall - it is for the best. Wish me luck - as most people know how bad I am at Math!! ARG!

My writing class is going extremely well. I wrote an article about fire ants for an assignment, and my instructor thinks that it might be my first manuscript that will be ready for publishing. I'm starting to look at different magazines that I might be able to submit it to in the near future. I will post the article when I can, and will of course let everyone know when it is published.

Finally, we come to the subject of weight loss surgery. We are still in the midst of the insurance craziness. We're both in month 2 of our "interdisciplinary supervised diet plan" meaning that we are both seeing an internist (Dr. Weinstein) as well as a nutritionist (Jodi Wellner) monthly. My next appointment with the doctor is on August 3rd, and I will only have one more to go before we reach the next step in the process. I see the nutritionist about a week later, and will have to see her again one more time before I will be cleared. What happens at the end of the diet plan is that the surgeon's office will call and set up a consultation appointment for me to come in and meet with Dr. Naaman. The visit is mainly to talk about your issues, and go through your ideas about what you'd like to have done versus his recommendations. At the end of that appointment - his staff takes all of the paperwork that they have gathered about your health history, and the three month diet plan... ect., and they submit it to the insurance company. It takes them about a week to get it all out to the insurance company, and from there it takes about 2-4 weeks to get an approval. We have heard fairly good things about our insurance company - most people have said that as long as you go through all their steps and hassles - they're pretty good about approving the surgery. Once the approval is recieved, the doctor's office schedules the surgery. You have one pre-op appointment with Dr. Naaman again before the surgery, but then you're ready to go. It is a pretty rigorous process, but the work is just begining at that point. I'll fill you in about the post-op proceedures in another post.

I think this gets us started with the basics of what is going on in our house right now... it's crazy, but fun at the same time. We hope you're all doing well!

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