Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Does it have to be like this?!

I swear that my boss is certifiable! We're in our annual review process and the man that I thought I could finally deal with and accept... has reverted back to the ogre that I worked for a year ago. His main goal and happiness comes from making people feel inadequate or below average. I've never met someone that made me feel like that so easily.

I feel like I come from a family that has an amazing work ethic, and I take pride in my work... I think that sometimes quality is much more important than quantity, but this man is all about the quantity.

So basically - my review looks like I'm an average to below average employee that adds nothing to my department, but in reality - I bring a lot of knowledge and skills that go unappreciated. He doesn't appreciate the fact that I can step in and bail most of my coworkers out of problems and still manage to complete my goals for the year. For instance, this year - I spent 6 months doing someone else's job because they were in a bind... but still managed to meet all of my goals - but I'm going to be given a review that shows that I merely met my goals.

Ok, I'm done with my ranting - but I honestly am praying for some peace and grace from God to help me get through this next year while I take my additional math class. I SO CAN'T WAIT TO BE A TEACHER!!

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