Sunday, August 26, 2007

First 24 hours of home owning...

In our first 24 hours of being homeowners - we jumped into a major project. John plans to use his garage for many projects over the years, and wanted to make sure that clean up would be easy. So we put an apoxy coating on the floor which was a two day process. Friday night we cleaned the floor with a special cleaner from the kit - it involved John scrubbing the floor with a stiff broom and me spraying it down several times. My job was fairly easy - but I did get a chance to enjoy washing off my new driveway, and watering our grass a little.

On a side note - the AT&T guy accidentally drove off into our grass - so it was a little touch & go for a few minutes while he put the sod back on the yard. Geez!! So my watering was mainly to saturate that area in order for it to try to catch up with taking root like the rest of the sod.

Saturday morning was step two of the garage project. It wasn't so bad - we had to paint the apoxy on the floor and sprinkle the flecks into the paint. You have to do all of that in 4x4 sections so that you can sprinkle while the paint is still wet enough for them to stick...and anything more than 4x4 and my arms wouldn't have reached to sprinkle evenly over the entire area. It took us about 2 hours to get that done - so it wasn't to bad. Now we just wait until next Saturday and I can park my car in the garage for the first time!! YIPPEE!!!

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