Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hi everyone,

Just a quick post before I run off to church this morning. John and I decided that we needed a break from our normal weekend of projects around the house... one month and it's about all we've thought about outside of work. Anyway - we had a date day yesterday, and went shopping for furniture.

We must have gone in every furniture store we could think of, but we actually found a dining room set that we liked, and some tables for our gameroom. Our dining room set is really nice - the table has two leafs, 8 chairs, and a china cabinet... it was the best deal we saw all day. It was on sale because the store was celebrating their anniversary - so we scored!! YEAH!

We also got all of our drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the house - we're mainly staying really simple on everything except for the kitchen. We found some pulls that we think are perfect for our kitchen, and once John gets them put on the dawers - we'll post pictures of them.

My goal for this afternoon is to get the last two rooms cleaned up and pictures taken of them... then I can post an album on "Hawkins Family Pictures" for everyone to enjoy.

That's all for now. I've got a long post coming for tomorrow... so watch for that...

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