Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Deed is Done!

Well as most of you who keep up with Kim's blog know, today was the big day. Kim's gastric bypass surgery went off without a hitch. We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 AM this morning and by 9:45 AM they were taking her into the OR. The Doctor came out at 11:30 AM to let us know that everything went well and that we would be able to see her soon. She got to her room by 2:00 PM and other than being groggy and feeling a little pain, she felt fine.

She had several visitors and her room is all decked out with flowers. I'll try to get some pictures of them all tomorrow and post them on here for everyone to see. Kim wants to thank each and everyone of you that have been praying for her. To our friends, family, Church family, etc. a big thank you goes out.

As of now, we expect for Kim to go home on Saturday afternoon. I feel sure Kim will feel more up to phone calls tomorrow, so if you are wanting to talk with her, feel free to call her cell phone.

On a personal note, I just hope that Kim knows how proud I am of her. She has taken a huge step in improving her health and our chances to start our family. I know this was not an easy decison for her to make, and I am eager to help her get started on this new adventure. I love you very much sweetie and I hope you get to feeling better soon!



  1. John, What a sweet note at the end. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. She had prayer surrounding her. Now treat her like a queen.

  2. I am so happy everything went well. I have been thinking of you alot and can't wait for you to be able to start a family.
    Love, Staci

  3. Thanks for updating us! Tell her I'm saving her a seat on the loser's bench. :)


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