Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Day Tomorrow

One more day and I'm officially on the longest vacation I've had since college. It's a sad thing to be excited about, and probably the most extreme type of vacation I'll ever take - but it's all I've got right now. I'm finishing things up at the office and I think they'll be in good shape in my absence... so 8 more hours and I'm free until December 3rd. I started wondering today if I might need to do something a little more gradual when I go back - like work until noon the first day, and add an hour each day... at least I can go home and nap while I'm building my strength back up. I might write them and suggest it at some point while I'm off - but I'll just wait and see how things go at first.

I don't have much else going on today - so I'm going to keep it short. Have a great night!

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