Friday, November 9, 2007

Pre-Op Day

Wow... what a busy day! I'm still battling with my allergic reaction to the antibiotic, and it actually got worse over the course of the night... it has been a miserable itchy experience.

We started out the day getting me all registered for the surgery, getting my pre-op labwork done, an EKG, and a chest x-ray all completed at the hospital before my appointment with the surgeon. John was a trooper just following along and waiting.

While I was getting my tests done at the hospital - John called my regular doctor, Dr. Weinstein, to see if we could fit in an appointment with him about this allergy stuff before meeting with Dr. Ferrari. It worked out better than anything we could have actually planned...

I did get in to see Dr. Weinstein, and got a shot of steriods for the allergy - and a prescription of tapered doses of steriods to take for the next several days. This crazy deal has even raised my white blood cell count more, which the surgeon did question... but all is set to go as planned... and I'm ready.

The appointment with Dr. Ferrari wasn't really any big deal at all, but he did give me a little good news - it seems that I will most likely be able to travel to Brenham to see my Dad & all the family for Thanksgiving. We will have to see how things go when I get out of the hospital, but as of now - we don't see any problems that would cause me to not be able to go.

Now, I'm all set and just ready to get this thing done... I can't say that I'm feeling any excitement about it - but I'm not feeling any nervousness right now either - just more of a feeling of steady resolve. I'm ready for this, and I am ready to get on with the rest of my life.

I met a guy in the waiting room at Dr. Ferrari's today that had the surgery 1 week ago, and he looked really good. He seemed to be doing well, and assured me that he is not hungry... so I'm looking forward to that. Maybe all the crazyness that I felt earlier this past week was just in my head. This is going to go great, and the results are going to be amazing! Bring it on!!

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