Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day Pics

Our first Christmas celebration was really good - here are a few pictures of us celebrating with John's family.

This is when Taylor arrived to see what had been left by Santa.

Taylor and Brooklyn on Christmas morning.

The stockings were certainly full!

The chaos of presents under the tree

Taylor just getting started on her mountain of gifts.

Her favorite gift - her Hannah Montanna guitar with headset!

Playing outside on the swing set - she is showing me how she can hang from the monkey bars.

Paw Paw getting his last gift - he was to get one last year, but Ryan accidentally broke it before Christmas.

Taylor is showing Paw Paw about her virtual pet game.

Brooklyn and Susan smiling at each other.

Miss Brooklyn - she had a great first Christmas - she slept through the gift frenzy!

Ryan is working on putting together one of Brooklyn's new toys.

Taylor feeding her Baby Alive - the grossest doll ever - it poops!

Sitting down for Christmas dinner - Paw Paw, Ryan and Susan are ready!

Maw Maw, Taylor and Brooklyn on the floor... we're finally ready to eat.

That is the end of the photos of the day - I immediately went and fell asleep on my old couch (we gave it to John's parents) and the rest of the family sat around me and watched Johnny Depp's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My review of the second half of the movie is that I'd have to say that the newer version is VERY creepy... I didn't like it at all - I loved the original... and you just can't beat it. I'd thought that the special effects would have made the movie, but it was just strange - even the oompa loompas freaked me out - it's all the same guy!

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! And cheers to non-freezing weather on Christmas day!


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