Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Luncheon

Yesterday was my work Christmas luncheon at a restaurant called Tony's. Our party was in a private wine cellar... and was really nice! They made sure to have the chef make something special for me - so that I could actually eat, and they made the most amazing soup with zuchinni and green beans in it for me. We all had a great time, and enjoyed the time out of the office!

On the left is one of my best friends, Hope, and another of our friends, Claudette.

These are some of the other girls from the office: (from left) Lia who's Dad owns Tony's, Samar, Amy, and Tracey.

This is Renita - she's a real character!

This is LaTonya, Lathenia and me... and I really am NOT that pale!!

Three of the most fun people in the office: LaTonya, Renita and Lathenia.

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  1. My how things change in a year....lunch at Tony's instead of white elephant exchange in the conference room and I don't recognize anyone other than you and Hope!!!


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