Friday, December 21, 2007

One Month Visit to Doctor

Yesterday was my one month follow up visit with Dr. Weinstein, and things went really well. He's testing my blood for several vitamins, and we talked about my water intake and exercise. I know that I've got to step it up more with both of those, but have been struggling with them the most.

My blood pressure was really low, which he said could be an indication of needing to change my meds. He said that it also could be dehydration which causes your blood pressure to get lower... so if I am having any dizziness when I get up from sitting or laying down - he said to call and we'd adjust the dosage.

He also said that he's fairly sure that when he tests my A1C level in January - that it will be below a diabetic level - which indicates that I can start coming off of those meds as well. It's so strange to me that in January of 2007 - my level was 12.0 which is double the level of normal people... and 1 year later with the help of surgery and a doctor that is worth a damn... my level will be below normal!

Last night John and I made a pact to start helping each other work out - so we've made a plan to watch television upstairs in the gameroom where we've got the big screen. We can watch up there while we're working out and that way it doesn't feel like such a chore to be away from the family to workout. I rode the bike last night for 30 minutes, rode 7.5 miles, and burned 380 calories... which I probably burned more. They say that the heavier you are the more you burn doing various activities, and my bike isn't high tech enough to figure that out - so we'll go with it. It's funny to me because I actually burned off my entire Isopure shake for the day (which I mix with milk)... so I burned off three of my 6 meals! Can a body be sustained on so few calories left over for the day?!

Basically all that would have been left that I didn't burn off (and we're assuming that my body burned no other calories during the entirety of yesterday) but the other other things that I ate were: a hand-full of cashews and a cup of stirfry of zuchinni, mushrooms and onions mixed with a little butter and soy sauce. WOW!


  1. It sounds like you are doing great!! Keep drinking the water! I know I will struggle with exercise post-op as I struggle with it now. Well, actually it isn't a struggle; I just don't do it!

  2. Girl, you are doing fantastic!! I am so happy for you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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