Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bailey Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures from hosting the Bailey Family's Christmas celebration for 2007.

My neice Taylor, (yes we have two) and her pinata that she made.

Taylor and my sister Cindy (her Mom) coloring in her Hello Kitty coloring book.

Taylor's Dad, Robert, preparing for a run. He's training for a triathalon in March.

From left: neices Megan and Taylor, brother - Josh, sister - Gabby, and neice - Brittany.

Stocking time - Taylor checks out her goodies.

Megan gets a digital camera!

From left: My sister, Cathi and my step-mom Lynne... my sister, Gabby, is helping Lynne.

John gets his new miter saw - now he's got to find something to actually use it on.

Pinata time!! Gabby gets the first hits because she's the smallest.

Taylor goes second...

Josh busts it!! Sorry Megan & Brittany - you guys just get some candy.

Bowl game time!! from left: Gabby, Robert, Cindy, Taylor... and an American Girl doll.

Gabby and Taylor are having a great time - doing what?? We don't know.

Cindy brought a new game called Apples to Apples... it was really a fun game!

Gabby spent the night with us on Saturday night - so this is just after breakfast. Gabby fixed her hair for breakfast..."just like Mommy does" (not quite. HA)

Priceless sister moment - no fighting... Brittany and Megan look so happy and cute!

from left: Cindy, Cathi, Dad, and Cathi's husband - Kevin.

Big family photo - Top from left: Robert, Cindy, John, Kim, Dad, Cathi, Kevin, and Lynne. Bottom from left: Taylor, Brittany, Gabby, Josh, and Megan.

The kids - from left: Josh, Brittany, Gabby, Taylor, and Megan.

Cindy, Robert, and Taylor head back to Dallas...

While Cathi, Kevin, Megan, Brittany, and Lynne go shopping... Josh, Gabby, Dad, and I stay home to rest... Josh & Dad built a dog/reindeer... it changed species several times.

Gabby built a house all by herself.

My guitar hero, and Josh - the future guitar hero!


  1. You have a lovely family there, Kim! The kids are adorable!!

  2. Hey Kim,

    I enjoyed seeing the fam! Blessings to you all in this new year! Love,


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