Monday, January 7, 2008

Sitting with a Sweet Baby

Today I took the day off to help my friend Sarah take care of Abby. Poor Abby has been sick off and on since the begining of December - and even had to stay in the hospital with RSV, pnemonia, thrush, and a secondary infection that they couldn't identify. Well - she recovered from that before Christmas and was able to enjoy the holidays... but last weekend - she caught the flu which progressed back into pnemonia. Apparently, the doctor says that once you get viral pnemonia in a season - it's really easy to catch it again that same season. ARG! Poor kid has been through so much!!

Anyway - I offered to take the day because with Sarah being a teacher - she is running out of days to be able to take off... which means that she'd have to go without pay. No good for a young couple trying to make ends meat to take care of their baby... so since I get paid for my days off as long as I have the time built up... I thought that I'd lend a hand.

Abby is the sweetest little thing, no matter what... she just plays and is happy. We had a good day... and followed her Mom's schedule to the letter... I sincerely pray that she'll be feeling better tonight and tomorrow so that she can go back to her daycare and have everything fall back into her normal routine.

On another note, I'm feeling like a little bit of a fraud - I still haven't started my workout routine... but I have all good intentions of doing it... does chasing a 13 month old around all day count as a workout?! Probably not, but I am planning on starting tomorrow evening... at least with riding the bike. The other workout programs might have to wait until weekends for now... until I figure out how they will fit into my overall program.