Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where does it go?

Ok, seriously - I feel like I just got home and it's still Friday night... but with a deep breath - I realize that it's all about to start over again tomorrow.

Church was great this morning, and I'm really embrassing the difference in the new pastor. Don't get me wrong - I loved Pastor James (our old pastor) but the new one is the polar opposite of him. Sometimes change is good - and I'm learning that in several different areas of my life right now... there was always a safety in the way that things are when you're obese. You sort of live to blend in and not get noticed... you do everything you can to not draw any attention to yourself. (Or at least that's how I've always been)

Well, when my home church disolved right after my surgery - that forced me to break out of my comfort zones in several areas of my life. I could no longer drown my life in food, and I could no longer sit back and play a passive role in my walk with God.

I believe that Pastor Kevin is so different from James - that it's going to really shake up my Christian walk. You see - until I met Pastor James at Fellowship of Houston - I had only prayed for salvation, but never tried to grow my faith and learn more about what it means to be a Christ follower. Well, this morning Kevin said something that spoke to me... he said something about people contacting him if they wanted to learn more about what it means to be a Christian, and he will personally work with you to help you grow in your faith and understanding of the Bible.

I think that the two churches are in vastly different places - in terms of overhead and I think that by the time John and I found Fellowship of Houston... they were already struggling financially and that took most of James' concentration and effort to keep moving... Cypress Family Fellowship is in a different place because they don't have the same type of overhead - and Kevin can focus more on people.

I watch him on Sunday mornings, and it's just so neat to watch the Pastor walk around to each couple and talk to them before the service. Even during the worship service - he is making sure that everyone knows how much he appreciates them being there. Poor James, he was always so wrapped up in the service that he couldn't or didn't do that at FOH - it wasn't until the stress of running his own church was lifted from him that I started to see him be able to do that at the new facility.

So all of that to tell you guys that I'm going to contact Pastor Kevin and move forward with my faith. I still haven't been baptised, and I'd like to do that at some point in the near future - we'll see what their process is for this. FOH did them very spur of the moment at someone in the congregation's pool... and there was never a time that I could do it when my family could come and witness the ceremony. (That is really important to me) I've got a little farther to go working on my extreme shyness or social anxiety... but I'm going to try to get there.

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  1. I so miss my church being interesting! I'm very envious of you right now! Plus with being the church secretary, I have to listen to every person who wants to complain about anything anytime. I realized coming back from Baltimore last week, that if I allow it, some of the members can suck the joy right out of worshipping for me. I have to be careful that doesn't happen.

    I'm not into the football thing either, but I do enjoy the girl time with my knitting friends (who were just my friends long before knitting came into the picture!).


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