Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, I'm sitting at work... it's rainy and dark outside... and I don't feel like doing A THING! I've been working on getting the same page of information entered into our database for over an hour... and it's basically because I'll take any distraction that I can to avoid getting it done. Rainy days are the worst to be stuck in a cubicle doing boring data entry projects... top it off with forgetting my IPod at home, and I'm just not gonna get it done.

For those of you that were wondering why I didn't post a new weight this week - it's because it hasn't changed... somehow it actually went up a pound... but I can't figure that out - so I just chose to believe that it's water weight. What else could it be?! My plan was to gloss over it and ignore it as much as possible... at least that way I won't stress or drive myself nuts over it.

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  1. I'm here at work reading blogs to procrastinate, so I totally understand!

    I think that's the down side of weighing once a week... if you get an off day, things don't really represent what's happening. But as we all know, the scale moves slightly up before it comes plummeting down again!


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