Saturday, February 2, 2008


Am I smarter than a 4th grader? It remains to be seen - I guess we'll know after my test on the 14th, but let me just tell you - they really put you through the ringer on these deals. I've got so much to brush up on, and not only that - but I have to be able to tell you the appropriate activity to assign in order to test the student's knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I think it's an extremely important vocation... but I also think that a lot of it is on the job training. I can't imagine that there is a teacher out there that would tell you they got it right the first year they taught on every subject. I think that you get it right on some things, but there is always room to grow and perfect your program.

I spent the first half (or a little more than that) studying - took a practice test, and got a 66% - which I hadn't looked at anything when I took that test... I have to make a 75% at least to pass... but it certainly is a lot less of a stretch than the last one I took. Last year I took the 4th - 8th grade social studies exam, and passed... but when I took my first practice test - I got a 48%!! I think that I can definently make this - but I always strive for better than just passing...

I've spent the last couple of hours working on my scrapbook while John continued his all day venture of building his work bench. It certainly is impressive that he built it when I look at it... and I know he's really excited about it. I took some pictures, but am actually about to run out for the evening... or at least for a little bit. John has to borrow some tools from his friend Robby, and we might go grab some dinner with them... but I'm waiting to hear back about that. If I end up going - I hope that it's not a really late adventure - or I'll be asleep on Sarah & Robby's couch by 9 or 9:30.

My body just isn't able to hang in there like it used to - I seem to be strapped for energy around about 9PM. I am good from 7AM - 9PM, but from there - it's really hit or miss. I know people that are at work longer than I can really stay awake... but I'm blaming it on whatever is going on in there... I haven't had any bad episodes since last Monday... but I haven't tried any meat since then either.

I'll post some pictures of the work bench and of my new scrapbook pages either later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. At least it sounds like maybe you are starting to even out a little bit. I hope you hear something tomorrow on your test results!

    You're gonna do great on your test, I just know it! Then you can get out of that place you are in and move onto bigger and better things!


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