Saturday, February 9, 2008

Support Saturday

Today started off with a support group meeting, and even though I'm the youngest one there (BY FAR) - they are the nicest people I've ever met. Our speaker today was supposed to be my surgeon, but for whatever reason - he didn't make it. I heard that he had some patients in the hospital with complications and he might have been in emergency surgery during our meeting... but we spent the hour and a half getting to know each other. It was nice to hear other struggles that are similar to mine... and to get a relative sense that I'm not crazy or abnormal... at least for the most part I'm doing alright. Our other main goal for today's meeting was to come up with topics for future meetings (we meet monthly) and we came up with some great things. We've got image consultants, psychologists, dieticians, and plastic surgeons on tap with topics that we're all interested in.

From there - I came home and did some studying for my test... then at about 2, I went with Stephanie for lunch and a little shopping. I went to look for some new tops to buy for work, but I didn't find anything that really excited me. I tried on three tops, but bought nothing. I did get some scrapbooking stuff at Hobby Lobby... so all was not lost. It was good to see Stephanie and be able to be there for her while her Mom was out of town this weekend.

I did some more studying when I got home, and now I'm relaxing before I hit the sack for the night. As an update on my doctor situation - since a couple of you have asked - I haven't gotten any word back on my bloodwork yet, but I have an appointment on Monday with the gastrointerologist.... I'm going to start hounding my PCP's office as well for the copies of my bloodwork because I need it for my follow-up on Friday with my surgeon. It's hard to believe that I'm less than 1 week away from being 3 months post-op.


  1. You are so much more patient than I am that it makes me feel guilty over being so crazy about waiting for approval! Maybe no news really is good news, but I hope you at least have an answer soon as to what is going on!

  2. Hey kim

    will you do a post about what your daily food intake looks like now? I'm curious. :)



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