Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm so thrilled to be at home again, and relaxing... I'm thinking that I'm going to do some scrapbooking this evening since I probably won't have any other time this weekend. It's going to be a busy one!!

Today was a killer day at the office - as I spent the entire day going through returned mail and researching where the people moved... sounds fun doesn't it?! I pretty much have to take each envelope and launch an internet search into where they've moved - which is the most boring thing I've ever had to do... it makes me think of something they might have people in drug rehab do - to pass the time and keep their thoughts off of their addiction...

I've got several days more of doing it, but thank goodness I've got next Thursday and Friday off. I've got my big test next Thursday though... it's T -6 days and counting... I've got a lot to brush up on between now and then!! Unfortunately very little time to cram it in though - I've got a support group meeting tomorrow, then I'm hanging out with my friend Stephanie for a while tomorrow... so hopefully studying tomorrow night after dinner. Sunday brings church, John is joining the band this week - so we'll be there early, and then from 3:30 to 7:30 on Sunday we have a class at church about becoming members. Then back to work again... at least Monday I've got a half day off - I've got a meeting with my gastrointerologist to follow up on how I've been doing since he did the endoscopy.

Whew... the weekend hasn't started and I feel like I'm already tired... I'm ready to feel that burst of energy that people talk about with losing weight... when does that happen exactly? I'm ready!!


  1. Did you hear back from the Dr yet?

  2. Did you ever hear from your doctor, Kim? How has the eating been going??


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