Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today is day two of the thyroid meds, and I swear my body isn't digging them yet. I know that it'll level off in a few days, but I've been light headed off and on all day. I tried tweaking the order I ate my meals today as well... I found myself getting a little shaky with just yogurt for breakfast, and this morning - I had my protein bar first to see if the boost in protein would make it better. Not so much, but I have faith.

I got a comment today about my last post from Lacy, who hadn't gotten as good of information from her doctor when dispensing her thyroid meds... and I truly wish that all doctors were like mine. I haven't always used him... in fact - I've gone through some REALLY bad doctors in the past... but Dr. Weinstein has been such a blessing... Most importantly - I wish all WLS patients could have a doctor like him that knows more about the after-care for us than our surgeons do. The surgeons know about how to rewire our insides... but Dr. Weinstein knows all the ins and outs of keeping us health long-term after our surgery.

I'll leave you today with a story about one of the really bad doctor experiences I've had... my entire life - I've wanted nothing more than to be a mother... and shortly after I got married (literally 3 months later) I was experiencing the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy. I hadn't found a doctor that I liked enough to stick with... so I chose to go to John's doctor.

This was my mistake because John likes people that will give it to him straight... and I need more of the friendly, break it to me easy... approach.

So there I am - excited about the possibility, and knowing that my mother never tested positive on home pregnancy tests when she was pregnant with me... (this fueled my excitement even more - naturally) I go through the usual tests, and sit in the office to wait to hear what he's got on the initial results... and he breezes in and says "You're not pregnant, you're diabetic" and breezes out. I was devastated... and this man never once acted like he cared or even like I was human (in my opinion). I cried for hours, and only went back to him one more time before changing doctors for good.

In a way it was a good thing for me to finally find out what was going on - as I'm no stranger to CRAZY symptoms that amount to nothing... but I was 23 and needed a little more of a soft approach to that news. I have no doubt that Dr. Weinstein tells his patients in a much more friendly way when something bad is happening... I know that he's always been thorough, and confident that he'll find the answer when something has been wrong with me... why aren't they all like that?!


  1. Insensitive doctors drive me insane. I chose a obgyn several years ago when we first started looking at needing help to get pregnant. This doctor met with all his patients first before doing an exam and when I told him we wanted to have a baby, he informed me that I was too fat to have a child and if I got pregnant he would refuse me as a patient (At the time I weighed about 260). Then during my exam, he asked if I had ever considered a breast reduction (I'm a C cup) and I told him no, as I had no back pain etc. Obviously, this guy was a fat-o-phobic, but I cried for days after leaving his office. I really think they need to leave their personal issues at the door.

  2. Oh my gosh....I'd say, "you're no doctor, you're an ASS!"

  3. Wow, "you're not pregnant. You're diabetic" must be a record-holder for asinine statements made by a doctor! The lack of sensitivity is staggering.

    I once weighed in at like 313 at the OB/GYN and just CRIED when I saw that number. The doctor just talked with me, calmed me down, and assured me that I could still have children at that weight, I'd just need a little extra monitoring for blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

    Of course, that was horrible advice medically speaking--it's never wise to attempt pregnancy at 313. But it was just the reassurance I needed, and she knew it!

    Another reason to love female physicians! : )


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