Friday, March 7, 2008

Cozy Fire

A rather slow day in the Hawkins household...

This morning - let me tell you - I had to fight myself every step of the way through my workout. I didn't want to do it... but go over that hurdle... then my legs were hurting the entire time and my pace wasn't as quick as it has been the other days... but I got through that and really pushed it the last minute or two - so I did end up with my 8 miles for today, but something was really working against me today - and it would have been so easy for me to give in, but for the first time EVER - I pushed through the pain and made myself proud.

I only worked a half day today - had some things to do around the house, and just needed some extra time with John today. I worked out in the yard a little (got some wind burn on my face) and he cleaned out the fireplace. He built me a fire, and I've enjoyed it all evening... it probably is why I had such a good cozy nap!

Tonight we're watching one of our favorite movies, Hitch, because it's on tv... this movie still cracks me up!!

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  1. 8 miles?!? Wow, now I feel like a total slacker!!



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