Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hitting Exhaustion

Hi everyone,

We are back from our retreat, and it was a fabulous time. I am however, extremely tired - so I'm going to keep the recap for tomorrow's post. There is so much to go through and process that I really need to be more alert to do it justice.

While I was gone - our wonderful cleaning lady came, and the house looks amazing - it was like walking into a hotel or something... and I SO appreciate it! A few things were changed and moved around when I got home tonight too - so I'll share a couple of photos of that... and tomorrow expect lots of fun retreat photos and stories.

This is our new television for our main family room.

Here is a wider view, but believe me... we're in the process of shopping for something to go under the television for the components and all the cords!

This used to be in the family room, but now makes a nice addition to our bedroom.

One lovely piece from the retreat - this cross was my gift for being the retreat photographer. It is so beautiful... and John immediately hung it when I got home. It's really in a nice place right on the stairway - in plain view of the front door.

So, I'm seriously on my way to bed right now... I'm almost delirious at this point... for those keeping up on a regular basis - John's eye is doing better. It's 45% healed - so he can cut back on the antibiotics and goes back for one more follow up next Saturday. (Isn't is scary that the main ingredient in his eye drops is boric acid?!)


  1. Boric acid.....nice.

    Love the photos because I'm nosy that way. I love seeing other people's houses! And the cross is gorgeous! I'll have to take a pic of the one in my entry hall as yours reminds me a bit of mine!

    Looking foward to the tales of the retreat!

  2. I'm glad John's eye is doing better and, um, YEAH that's scary that the main ingredient is boric acid! But hey... whatever works! I love the TV and the cross!


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