Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keeping Score

For those of you keeping tabs on my progress...

I did in fact complete my 64 oz of water yesterday... and am halfway there for today! I also got my workout in this morning... even though it was freezing cold and I really wanted to stay in the nice warm bed!

I don't know what it is that has changed... but something is driving me up those stairs every morning, and I thank God for it! Maybe he's pushing me up there every morning, and holding my hand to get me going... whatever it is - it is making all the difference in the world.

As I sit here eating my lunch - I just was struck with something that seemed quite commical to me... my lunch is in a snack-sized container... and has room left over where more could fit in there. Just to think how a few months ago my lunch would have looked very different... and it doesn't even phase me now. Don't get me wrong - I've never been a big over-eater in terms of portions... they were bigger than they should have been, but it's not like I ever ate 4 hamburgers at one time or anything like that. It's just that now my meals are 1/2 a cup in size, and 4 months ago - that might have been the portion of one of my side dishes... or maybe even a little more than that!


  1. I went to eat dinner at Moe's last night (the burrito franchise) and had a moment where I realized what a difference it was too. I used to eat the BIGGEST meal I could order, and still not feel full. Last night I ate half of the inside of a smaller burrito, and I was perfectly satisfied! Yay surgery!

  2. I think that is wonderful!

    I gotta tell ya, I am pmsing and when that happens I always start to get really freaked out about having this surgery. The freak will be over by next week, but tonight, it is making me crazy!


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