Thursday, March 6, 2008

Logging Food

Hi everyone,

I'm stealing an idea from my blog friend, Lacy, and am going to make a 'sister' blog to put in all my food and exercise information... Kim's Cuisine is up and running and has two days worth of info... that's about as far back as I can go with the food - because I could barely remember what I ate last night to do yesterday!! If my loving husband can remember anything better than that - I'll put in some more past information.

I'm also tracking everything on Diet TV where I can see things graphed for me - like my daily water intake, hours of sleep, and the lovely weight loss graphs that show a nice line going in the right direction... DOWN!!

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  1. ooh yay, I just subscribed to your Kim's Cuisine blog. I really, really struggle with meal planning and working variety into my diet, so seeing what other people eat REALLY helps me. Thanks for sharing the info!


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