Sunday, March 16, 2008


Since I'm still severely battling this mess that I've gotten - I thought I'd keep my writing to a minimum, and use pictures to tell the story.

This is Brooklyn, our youngest neice, and me at the party.

Brookyln with her Mommy, Susan.

John's grandmother, Memaw, the party was to celebrate her 92nd birthday. She's being escorted by one of her grandaughers, Jessica.

John's Aunt, Mary and her daughter, Tiffany.

John singing a special tribute to his grandmother.

The Easter Egg Hunt.

From the left, Kasey with her Grandmother, Mary and our other neice Taylor, with her grandmother.


  1. Lovely pics,Kim and you look fabulous!

  2. first of all, HELLO SKINNY FACE! You are losing weight like crazy. Your face is thinning out so nicely!

    Your family looks so sweet! All of them. ;)

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  4. Your family looks like so much fun! Your niece is TOO CUTE!


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