Saturday, April 19, 2008

Planting Roots

Whew! I just got cleaned up after spending most of the day outside... my sunburn proves it! The yard is looking great though, and John is still out there putting out fertilizer. We planted lots of flowers, and greenery... planted a new flowerbed, ripped out some plants that we hated in front... (they were replaced by the flowers and greenery)... and planted 2 big hibiscus trees in pots... oh yeah and planted a patio tomato plant, and a red bell pepper plant.

6 months ago - I never would have been able to hang in there with John on this project, and I still feel like he did most of the hard work - but I was out there with him for moral support and as much help as I could provide.

We still want to put out a little more mulch, before I get some pictures - but if the mulch doesn't make it out tomorrow afternoon... I'll still take some tomorrow for you guys. It'll look better after the flowers have a chance to grow a little - John planted some in the backyard last fall (I think) and they look phenomenal now... they're really pretty.

I'm sure that the rest of the evening will be spent trying to rehydrate, have dinner, do some laundry, and relax. John will probably do some more practicing before he leads worship tomorrow morning, but other than that - I'm going to be a bum!

I think that most of the next few weekends are going to be a flurry of home projects - while John gets the house ready for my birthday. We're having a small get together of some family and close friends... to celebrate, and a lot of the folks haven't been to the house yet - so John's really pulling out all the stops. He's got a list of things that he wants to get done, and even some things that he'd like to get done if time permits.

It really is funny though because of his parent's history... you see whenever John's parents have anyone over to the house (kids excluded) there is a flurry of home improvement projects, BUT typically the biggest projects are being completed the day before the party - or even some on the day of the party... which has always cracked me up.

When they threw my college graduation party - they redid their floors, did some work to the walls...and other crazy things. They had his sister, Susan's, college graduation, and literally - minutes before the party - we had a lady in helping us hang window treatments! They've had John's grandmother's birthday party at their house for the last couple of years, and there is always a frenzy of yard work and cleaning out things the day before the party.

It does always end up looking good, but the joke that we always have with them is... would anyone have noticed if it hadn't been done? So, with all that being said - I am THRILLED that John is planning ahead. I'll share pictures of anything that I can...

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  1. My parents are just like John's! They couldn't throw their costume party last Halloween unless all the baseboards had been repainted. Like anybody cared! : )


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