Thursday, May 8, 2008

Domestic Goodness

I thought this picture was funny for a couple of reasons:

1) My blood pressure problems... which are going away rapidly the longer I'm away from that office environment.
2) The fact that I can't afford little indulgences like that at the moment anyway.

S0 for my little piece of domestic bliss for today... I shared more of the Bible with Hope this morning, and even woke up to find that she'd emailed me asking for it... so this will be our fun new morning tradition.

I found that I'm not annoyed at my builder for just sending people over to start working on the leak whenever he feels like it. I think I'm less irritated because I'm here all day anyway - so it's not like I'm having to schedule my vacation time around them and their lack of scheduling in advance.

I also believe that going to the grocery store right at the time when all the area schools are letting out is the PERFECT time to go. All the mothers are either at home waiting for their kid to get off the bus or they are in their car picking them up... so you see the bliss?! I was about one of 10 people in the entire grocery store today, and it was fabulous! I got finished with my shopping within like 40 minutes... it was beautiful!

Nothing much else happened today, other than me catching up on some shows that we'd recorded over the course of the last few weeks... and organizing some files that I got off my work computer...


  1. So what's going on with the dizzy spells? Have they improved??

  2. Yay for the bp dropping! I'm curious about the dizzy spells too... still an issue?

  3. Sorry, wayyy behind on my blog reading. This week at work has been horrendous! I hope your dizzy spells have improved dramatically!


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