Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Onward and Upward

Just starting off with a couple of pictures that I thought were cute. Can I just say that I feel SO much better now...

Before John left for work this morning, we were talking about our situation... and he figured out our budget yesterday. Which included the amount of time that we can make it without me having to go back to work... well, we both have come to the conclusion (I know... I'm slow) that it is totally a God thing. The timing is absolutely perfect! No one other than God can have such perfect timing to where things work out just right where my checks from work run out right at the time when I would start working for the schools, and we even come out ahead on the deal because of our extra diligence now on the budget. Our God is so good! What a difference a non-emotional head and a good faith can provide!

I started the day by reading my Bible and praying... which I can tell you helped more than I could even put in words. I prayed for the strength to get through all of this without incident, and that my presence at the office wouldn't be hard for anyone.

After my reading I headed over to get my things from the office. Let me just say... awkward! It wouldn't have been, but I walked in and had to ride the elevator up with my former boss... you all know the one... and she totally didn't even really make eye contact with me. Nice! Like I did something wrong here.

It took me about 2 hours to get everything packed up and cleaned out... and during that time she came to my desk to ask if I needed any help... uhhh... no. Just let it be, and I'll be out of your hair as quickly as I can. It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in three years at an office... so it did take quite a bit of packing to get it all out of there.

As I was leaving - I had to turn in my badge to the boss lady... and she gave me the most sympathetic look and I felt like she wanted to say something, but it wouldn't have been genuine... so I just said "Thanks and see you around!" I maintained that this was a blessing to everyone that I came in contact with, and I truly believe that now.

I finished off the closing of that chapter with three of the greatest people that are involved with that place... Hope, Jack, and Melissa... all of whom were the most sincere people I know. When I first started interviewing there: Jack (who I knew from a previous job), Melissa, and Allie (who "retired" a year ago to have her twins) were the first ones I encountered, and we went to breakfast that time... so it was only fitting to end my time there with them. We had a great lunch together, and just listening to the stories from them reminded me that it truly is a blessing that I don't have to endure that environment anymore.

Now I am home, and getting ready to try to finish putting my bookshelves together in my craft room... and hopefully get some of my things from the office unloaded and set up in there. When the teaching position works out - I won't need lots of those things in my classroom - so I might as well set them up in the house now. I pretty much am without an scheduled things to do until the middle of next week - so now we'll see what I can find to do with myself for entertainment.


  1. So it's officially totally OVER... yay! God IS good and I love that He provided you this summer away from your FORMER boss. : )

  2. and thus a new chapter begins...how exciting!

  3. So glad your stuff is now out of there! I was dreading that for you as I didn't have to do it for myself as Chris (The Brit) worked there too and he packed me up and brought my stuff home.

    And yes, our God is good! All The Time!!!

  4. oh, I'm so glad that you are feeling right in the center of God's will...He will provide, sweetie!

  5. All I can say is "good riddance!" So glad that you have found the light in the situation and can now enjoy your summer!!! :)


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