Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost There

Whew... I've spent most of the afternoon getting my documents collated, CD's burned, CD's printed and stuffed... for the job fair tomorrow. Literally - I think I started working on all of this stuff at 2:30 or so this afternoon, and it's now 15 minutes until 9... so I'm beat! I still have to get directions to the venue, and make sure that my suit is ready for the morning's festivities.

Anyone out there reading this - please make sure to send up a prayer that God be with me tomorrow and give me the right words in order to get a job. I have been dreaming of teaching since I was 5 years old (maybe earlier) and I would love nothing more than the opportunity to change the lives of some special kids this fall.

I feel like tomorrow is my one shot to prove myself to the various school districts in the area, and with only 2 minutes or so to make that impression - I'm going to need some Divine intervention. I've never been accused of being the most outgoing in the world - in fact - I'm very quiet and shy... at least with people my own age or older. Somehow my personality changes when I'm around kids to some degree - I've never felt the need to second guess myself around kids, and I don't ever feel like they're judging me like my own peers would. I know in some ways that's probably not accurate, but I have a way of treating kids with respect - and therefore earning some respect in return.

ANYWAY - please send up prayers for me and my job situation... and I'll report in as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon.