Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Domestic Bliss

Just another day in paradise today - I spent most of the day cleaning and dealing with various workmen. The exterminator came to get us all set up for our termite ports, and regular pest control service... so sometime within the next couple of weeks - we'll be completely pest free!!

We also had some men come and replace John's windshield today as well... it was so great - we called our insurance company, and they set the whole thing up... they even did the service in our driveway - it doesn't get much easier than that!

I've spent the rest of the day preparing to be very busy for the rest of the weekend... 2 days at the lake, my Dad coming in on Saturday, my baptism on Sunday morning (I will do my best to post video on Sunday), and a small group meeting on Sunday evening.... so I got all the laundry and cleaning done today to get us through until Monday.

I finally made the Greek Stuffed Chicken Breasts that I posted about a week or so ago, and we really liked them. Not as much as the Rachel Ray chicken recipe that I made on Saturday, but still a new twist on the traditional chicken meal. If only I could figure out a side dish to go with it besides Greek Salad - then we'd be doing really well.

We're watching The Perfect Storm on TV right now, which in retrospect - we're going to be on a boat tomorrow... so probably not the best choice for someone like me with an over-active imagination. I'll more than likely have some sort of a nightmare about us being in some bad storm, but it's to late now... I'm halfway into the movie...

Tomorrow's post might possibly be really short - it just depends on what time we get home, and what time I have to turn around and go back the next morning... but I promise by Friday - I'll catch up with a good blog post full of pictures! John will be at a men's game night at the church - so I'll be here relaxing and uploading pictures.


  1. You're a busy girl these days! Doesn't it make you wonder how you actually got anything done when you were working in the hell hole?

  2. serve tziki (spelled wrong) and hummus with pita with the chicken or make a salad w/o lettuce with tom, feta, kalamata olives, and purple onion. Or Tabolueh...Ok, so even though i can't spell it, greek/mediterranean food is my favorite!

  3. I'm so sick of chicken I could cluck. But then again, maybe I just need new recipes.

    Have fun on the boat!!


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