Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hanging in There

I saw the doctor this morning (thank God he went ahead and saw me during John's appointment!) - when he looked in my throat - he said it wasn't pretty. He gave me an oral antibiotic that is a one time dose... so I'm supposed to call him if I don't feel better by Friday morning. The medicine cost me $45, (Is it wrong that my first thought is that the meds cost me a half of a tank of gas?!) and I had to go to two different pharmacies to get it - but I will hang in there another day or so and hope that I'll feel good as new.

We talked about my weight some too, and the fact that in 5 weeks - according to his scale - I've only lost 4 pounds... but kicked up my workouts quite a bit. He of course calmed me down and reminded me that this is a long term marathon - not a sprint. (I hate that!! I was ready for a good old fashioned sprint!) The second part of our conversation went something like this:

Me: "I know, but when I think about the goal that Dr. Ferrari set for me - I start freaking out a little."
Dr. W: "What goal did he set?"
Me: "To lose 60 more pounds."
Dr. W: "In addition to the ones you've already lost?!"
Me: "Umm, yes"

GREEEEEEEEEEEAT! Apparently this is going to be a MAJOR uphill battle... he was glad to hear that I'll be doing a 7 day challenge to see how I can improve things... little does he know that I have no track record for keeping a good habit going for more than a week or two... but if someone can play the Rocky theme for me on a daily basis - maybe I can get in there and change that.

Honestly, I'm more than a little scared at this point - because I'm not where I want to be... but I'm desperately trying to keep a positive attitude and hope that I'll see some movement on the scale at Dr. W's office when I go back on July 10th.

In the meantime for at least today - I'm still on the mend and trying to recover from this nasty (and I mean NASTY) summer mess... while still trying to take care of my husband and find a job!