Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hanging in There

I saw the doctor this morning (thank God he went ahead and saw me during John's appointment!) - when he looked in my throat - he said it wasn't pretty. He gave me an oral antibiotic that is a one time dose... so I'm supposed to call him if I don't feel better by Friday morning. The medicine cost me $45, (Is it wrong that my first thought is that the meds cost me a half of a tank of gas?!) and I had to go to two different pharmacies to get it - but I will hang in there another day or so and hope that I'll feel good as new.

We talked about my weight some too, and the fact that in 5 weeks - according to his scale - I've only lost 4 pounds... but kicked up my workouts quite a bit. He of course calmed me down and reminded me that this is a long term marathon - not a sprint. (I hate that!! I was ready for a good old fashioned sprint!) The second part of our conversation went something like this:

Me: "I know, but when I think about the goal that Dr. Ferrari set for me - I start freaking out a little."
Dr. W: "What goal did he set?"
Me: "To lose 60 more pounds."
Dr. W: "In addition to the ones you've already lost?!"
Me: "Umm, yes"

GREEEEEEEEEEEAT! Apparently this is going to be a MAJOR uphill battle... he was glad to hear that I'll be doing a 7 day challenge to see how I can improve things... little does he know that I have no track record for keeping a good habit going for more than a week or two... but if someone can play the Rocky theme for me on a daily basis - maybe I can get in there and change that.

Honestly, I'm more than a little scared at this point - because I'm not where I want to be... but I'm desperately trying to keep a positive attitude and hope that I'll see some movement on the scale at Dr. W's office when I go back on July 10th.

In the meantime for at least today - I'm still on the mend and trying to recover from this nasty (and I mean NASTY) summer mess... while still trying to take care of my husband and find a job!


  1. That 60 pounds could take 2 more years to lose and guess what... you can still lose it!

    My weight loss is slowing, and I have 86.5 more pounds to lose to get to 140. But I'm just going to keep on keepin' on, keep following the pouch rules, and eventually... that fat will have to MELT. It could take until December (my goal), or until next May (a back up goal that I'd still be okay with), or until 3 years from now. But it's GOING to happen for me, and it will happen for you too!

    Calories in versus calories out... that weight WILL come off! :)

  2. Sister, you're preachin' to the choir on this entry! I've had an uphill battle the last several months. I am diligent at working out and eating right, but it has slowed for me too -- I'm 19 months out and am still 3 lbs. shy of that -100 mark!

    It will happen, but it will take effort.

    And contrary to the last noter, it's not always as simple as calories in vs. calories out. Sorry Meghan, it's a pet peve of mine -- I hate when people trivialize it to that extent; it's not a true generalization and here's why...

    If you are excercising and creating more of a caloric deficit than your body can handle, it will hold fast to any nutrition it can. Because of our rearranged plumbing, in time your body does learn to somewhat adjust; that's why the weight loss slows.

    Just keep doing the right thing and believing it will happen.

  3. oh sweet I ever know how you feel right now. I'm scared too, and I think we might be crazy to not be scared. Fear is what drove us to make our choice to have surgery and fear will keep us moving forward. I agree with Meg...we can still lose it, even if it doesn't happen with as much ease as before.

    Somehow, we got thinking that this was gonna always be so easy. And granted, some people do have it easier...all the weight just slides off. But for most of us, around this time (five-six months) it starts getting hard again.

    We're still losing Kim. We're still successful. And as God as my witness, with what I've learned....I WILL keep making changes for the better in my life. And I know you are too. You are healthier. You are happier. You are in such a better place.

    Although a sprint is over with quicker, a marathon has such beautiful scenery. yes, you can kick me for saying that, but it's true. And how sweet will that reward be when we reach it?!

    I love you, and you have my support and prayers. It's okay to be scared. That will keep you honest. *wink

  4. From everything I have read at times we all need to really tighten the reins on what we are eating to get the losing going again. The important thing is to not lose heart and never, ever give up! You've had so many blessings already from your weight loss, so keep countin' em! We can all get so caught up in that number on the scale; I know I do, but it isn't the only way to measure things.

  5. i hope you feel better soon!!


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