Saturday, June 28, 2008

No News is Semi-Good

We've had no changes or developments with any of my current afflictions - which is good and bad. It's good that nothing else has fallen apart, but bad because I don't really feel any better. Seriously - when I get sick - I do it well, right?!

I've got conflicting opinions as to what friends think this mess might be, and I appreciate all the love and support - but for now - I'm choosing to enjoy my weekend and not worry about it until Monday.

I'd stepped on the scale yesterday morning, and realized that I'd gained 6 pounds since going into the ER - I guess we can say that I was severely dehydrated... I checked again and things are leveling off - I lost 4 of the pounds over the course of last night... I guess ya'll can guess that I was UP ALL NIGHT!! (Darn water!!)

Today has been relaxing and productive at the same time - we slept in, and when I got up - John had made our menu for the next week and the grocery list. I asked him to come with me because A) I can't hear a thing... and B) I felt like it would be best in the event that I got overly tired or something. So we went to the store together, and we saved like $40 on price matches at Wal-Mart! John was so cute - it was like he'd been hunting and shot the biggest buck on the planet. I guess I lucked out with a domesticated husband, but sometimes it makes me laugh and think that he spent WAY to much time with his Mom growing up. Only the two of them get that excited about saving money... I mean honestly... his chest was all puffed up and everything!

Right now, he's watching The Bourne Ultimatum, yes I'm in the same room - but have NO clue what is happening - so I decided to write a post instead. It's funny because I'm pretty sure we got that movie at Christmastime, but somehow it has escaped being watched until this weekend. I guess we haven't been as big of movie freaks as we were in the past. I still have 2 that I bought a month or so ago that we haven't watched.

So, nothing really exciting happening around here - just hanging out not being able to hear... and getting ready to grill some steaks. Tomorrow - I will attempt going to church - at least I normally think everything there is a bit loud... so it will probably be just right for me in the morning. I'll be happy if I make it and can hear the message!


  1. I'm praying, Kim, that by the time I get home you will be well on the mend!

  2. That's so funny John is a bargain-shopper... my husband's definitely NOT into comparison shopping. I'm with John on this one... there's a thrill in getting a great deal!!


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