Friday, June 20, 2008


This is starting to get ridiculous... I'm still sick... and the fever is higher now than ever. Yesterday it was my left ear, and today the right one has decided to play catch up - so now neither of them really hurts, but they're full of fluid and I can't hear... this must be what it feels like to need a hearing aide. Everything is really muffled...

I'm getting really tired of all this mess, and now I probably am going to have to miss out on a big service project day for our church - not that I'm very handy anyway, but I wanted to go out and show my support - and at the very least take some pictures... but now I'm scared that it would set me back more on this illness, and I can't take anymore of it!

I literally have been awake for a total of 3 hours or so today - which is not normal, but earlier when I'd wake up - I could only stay awake for about 30 to 45 minutes without nodding off again... so I guess I needed the rest. I'm praying that it will help me finally turn the corner in this mess toward getting well again. I'm ready to be able to post about more exciting things!! I decided to make my own list of things that I'd like to do when I get this weight off like the other Kim did, but I haven't felt well enough to get started on that... so look for it in the coming week when I get it written.

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  1. My goodness!! I truly hope this thing is over with, like, TODAY!


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