Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bonus Post

I just got off the phone with the addiction treatment center and they want me to come back for an interview with the original lady I met and the CEO of the center. That meeting is going to be on Thursday morning.

I also emailed my friend the principal to see if we could set up something for early next week to get together before I get wrapped up in this surgery mess too. I haven't heard back from her, but I only emailed like an hour ago... so I don't expect to have heard by now... but I really would love to at least get on her calendar before this gallbladder stuff gets messy.

I also got a call from my surgeon's office, and naturally - they don't take my insurance. Unreal! So, I'm waiting for some other referrals to figure out who will be having the pleasure of yanking out my gallbladder for me. I can't believe my luck!! I mean honestly... I could walk into the ER and probably have it done without all the hassles, but that's not right... I'm just saying that it really shouldn't be that hard.